Bhad Bhabie's mum goes off on her daughter's teenage fans and it's savage AF

12 December 2018, 17:20 | Updated: 12 December 2018, 17:26

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Like mother, like daughter.

Now, we all know Bhad Bhabie has a short fuse (just ask Iggy Azalea's wig, RIP) but she clearly got it from her mama. Bhad Bhabie's own mother Barbara Bregoli went off on her fans in Australia after they tried to get a selfie with her. Yep, for once it wasn't Bhad Bhabie popping off.

The drama started at Brisbane Airport just as Bhad Bhabie – born Danielle Bregoli – stepped off the plane. The Playboy Style rapper is currently touring Australia with her mother and entourage in tow. Well, remember, she is only 15. A group of teens got excited as they saw Bhad Bhabie in the airport and tried to approach her.

"Hey! Can we just get a group photo," one girl asked, but Bhad Bhabie – who reportedly charges $120 for a photo and meet-and-greet tickets – put up her hand. "We just drove seven hours to say hi. I've never seen someone be so rude to their fans." Well, that immediately set 'ol Babs off, who turned round ready to shade the hell out of the young girls.

Barbara Bregoli and Bhad Bhabie selfie/Bhad Bhabie attends the Fashion Nova x Cardi B collaboration launch event
Barbara Bregoli has clapped back at Bhad Bhabie's fans. Picture: Instagram/@barbara_ann_bregoli/Getty

"Excuse me?" she raged: "You've never seen someone so rude? Have you been on as many flights as we have? Really? You were told by her security no photos and you still followed, so go get someone else."

One of the girls then dared ask: "Remember when you hated your daughter?" in reference to THAT infamous Dr Phil interview that saw her shoot to fame. Whew, the shade, the shade, the shade! Of course, Barbara did what every mother would. Compose herself, ignore them and get on with her day... nah. She responded: "No, I never hated my daughter! Remember when your mother taught you a little respect?" and then decided to address the teens on Instagram.


In a series of messy as hell Instagram posts, Babs wrote: "I'm Bhad Bhabie's mom bitch, who is you?" Another read: "Wipe your mouth, there is still a tiny bit of bullshit around your lips." Barbara also shared a screenshot of a tweets claiming singer Shawn Mendes once declined meeting his fans in an airport, just like Bhad Bhabie. She said: "So it's a pattern."

She also shared stories that read: "Haters going to hate. Sad how little snot nose girls tell me how to parent when their mothers were too busy sucking dick rather than teaching their daughter how to respect an adult. Apparently little kids think I really care what they think, don't come at me with disrespect."

Screengrab of Barbara Bregoli's Instagram story.
Barbara Bregoli's Instagram story. Picture: Instagram/@barbara_ann_bregoli

Coincidence that Bhad Bhabie's mum was ready to attack literally anyone in Iggy's native country? We think not.