Billie Eilish reveals how she did the spider stunt in the ‘you should see me in a crown’ video

20 March 2019, 17:35 | Updated: 3 April 2019, 11:51

By Sam Prance

Billie Eilish actually put a spider in her mouth in the 'you should see me in a crown' video...

Billie Eilish does all of her own stunts in her music videos... well almost.

Billie Eilish reveals how American Horror Story inspired her 'bury a friend' video

In a recent interview with PopBuzz, Billie revealed that she is completely hands on in all of her visuals. "I'm such a dip 'cause I like to do my own stunts." She then explained: "For 'when the party's over' I had the tubes in my eyes, squirting black stuff into my eyes, that was real, that was not CGI. The spider crawling out of my mouth for 'you should see me in a crown' that was real. I could go through way less and just have everything CGI-ed."

Billie had to step out of a stunt in 'bury a friend' though.

Billie Eilish actually put a spider in her mouth in the 'you should see me in a crown' video
Billie Eilish actually put a spider in her mouth in the 'you should see me in a crown' video. Picture: Darkroom // Interscope // PopBuzz

Discussing the needles stunt in the 'bury a friend' video, Billie said: "That was my idea. I drew that in my notebook. I was like I want to do it exactly like this. I had that idea forever. And that was also me like I wanna show my skin in a video for the first time ever. And so I was like I'm gonna show my back because that's such a weird place to start. Oh and I want a bunch of people to put big needle syringes in my back."

Billie couldn't actually do the needle stunt in the end though. "We were having one of the final meetings with the director and choreographers and stuff. And we were talking about the needles and I was like 'I'm gonna be able to do that right?'. And he was like 'actually that's the one part that we can't. well 'cause if we put needles in your back and squirt black into them, you die'". So I would have died."

Okay. We're glad she didn't do that. Billie then added: "I kind of had a fit I was like 'you're not gonna let me put needles in my back?'. My creative team was there, they were like 'Billie listen, it's the one part, we can do everything else.' And Billie did do everything else: "That whole video I had full eye black contacts, all those people were hitting me... it was actually really fun."

Check out the 'bury a friend' and 'you should see me in a crown' videos below.

Billie Eilish - bury a friend

Billie Eilish - you should see me in a crown (Vertical Video)

Given how many stunts Billie does, we think it's more than fine for her to sit the odd one out. Especially if it's life threatening and/or dangerous. Now if you don't mind us, we're still trying to process the fact that she put an actual spider in her mouth. When will your faves?

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