"Busted: The Musical" Is A Real Thing And You Can Be In It!

13 November 2015, 11:14 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

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James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

What I Go To The Theatre For

As you know by now, Busted are well and truly back and we are partying like it's 2005. Tickets went on sale for their massive arena tour this morning and well done to anyone who made it through the mad rush. But not everyone could be so lucky...



The struggle has never been more real. But don't worry kids, if you didn't get tickets there's always 'Year 3000: The Busted Musical'! You heard us right - there is a Busted musical and it's got all the hit songs in it: What I Go To School For, Air Hostess, Sleeping With The Light On, Crashed The Wedding, Who's David? and the list goes on and on and on because they've got that many hits!

Sounds cool right?


Here's a peak at the plot: 

"Year 3000 follows the story of a young band with ambitions of conquering the world. As they fight their way through the cut-throat music industry they discover exactly what happens when dreams turn to nightmares… More than just a jukebox musical, Year 3000 is for all those shower singers, bedroom-mirror dancers and wannabe-crowd surfers who long for that magic moment in the spotlight".

It's written by James Bourne along with Elliot Davis who wrote 'Loserville' together which went on to play in the West End. Will we be seeing Busted in the West End soon too? We can dream...

Oh and one last thing - you can audition to be in it!

It's all put together by YMT, a youth theatre who's previous musical members include James and Ed Sheeran.

If you are aged between 11-21 you could be in the cast! So if you missed out on tour tickets, don't just sit in the dark and cry - head over to the YMT website and audition. 'Cos the only thing better than watching Busted is being able to play them on stage!

Get practicing those kick jumps!

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