Pop Punk/Emo Faves Mashed Up With 2015 Bangers Will Make Your World Implode

30 December 2015, 10:57 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09


By Victoria Pavlova

2015 was so great.

Today, in things you didn't know you needed, we present - the mixtape to end all mixtapes. Captain Cuts, the production/mixing team behind a number of Halsey, Tove Lo and Marina tunes, to name a few, have given us an absolute gift to end the year. 

They've gone and mashed up the viral hits of 2015 with early 2000s pop punk and emo jams. It's kind of life-changing. 

Drake mixed with Say Anything doesn't sound like a pair that should work, right? WRONG. Ditto AFI and The Weeknd, Fetty Wap and MCR or Fall Out Boy and Justin Bieber. 

Actually scratch that, Fall Out Boy improve everything they touch. 

Listen to the 15 tracks below and lose your ever-loving s***, just like we did. 

2015 was so great, you guys. 

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