The Cash Me Outside Girl Just Signed A Record Deal And People Are FUMING About It

19 September 2017, 12:14 | Updated: 19 September 2017, 15:39

Cash Me Outside Danielle Bregoli
Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

"Full offence she does NOT deserve success..."

She's only been in the public eye for nine months but the Cash Me Outside girl has done more, earned more and started more beefs in 274 days than you have in your entire lifetime. 

Last month, it was revealed that Danielle Bregoli had launched a rap career and shot a music video to go alongside it. To be quite honest, the song (iconically titled 'These Heauxs') wasn't actually that bad. (Don't tell anyone I said that.)

Cut to one month later and here she is standing in a room at Atlantic Records with her mum and a bunch of producers thanks to THAT song. Yes, the controversial thirteen year old, who started out life as a meme, has just signed a MULTI MILLION dollar record deal.


A post shared by Bhad Bhabie (@bhadbhabie) onSep 15, 2017 at 11:03am PDT


Danielle, or Bhad Bhabie as she will be known henceforth, will now join the ranks of hard working, talented artists, musicians and songwriters such as Ed Sheeran, Wiz Khalifa, Bruno Mars, Twenty One Pilots and Sia. 

According to TMZ, the social success of her single 'These Heauxs' caught the attention of record execs who jumped at the chance to sign her to the label. The song has almost 30m views on YouTube (music video and audio track combined) and is currently charting inside Billboard's Hot 100 at #77. She's the youngest female rapper, at age 14, to appear on the chart.

The record deal is said to include multiple albums (god help us all) and is apparently worth MILLIONS of dollars. Not bad for a fourteen year old internet star with a criminal record, is it?

Needless to say, people are absolutely fuming about the news. 


People are pissed off at the way a white girl has managed to profit off black culture and succeed in places in a way ACTUAL talented people of colour would probably never be able to.


In fact, everyone in general is pissed off at the way the label has favoured her social buzz over actual talent. 


Like, whatever... we get that's how it obviously works these days but... for some struggling artists, it's kinda demoralising.


Some people thought there were better things to spend money on than enable a troubled teen.


Others are just employing the 'don't hate the player, hate the game' mentality and honestly, they're right. 


So, to summarise, the Cash Me Outside girl is now a millionaire, with a real-life genuine record deal, 11.3m followers on Instagram, able to command up to $50k per sponsored post... and she's only fourteen. GOODBYE FOREVER. 

If you're desperate to hear 'These Heauxs' for yourself, you can watch it below: