BTS Fans Have Been Sending Death Threats To CupcakKe And It's Not OK

8 January 2018, 15:34 | Updated: 8 January 2018, 15:44

BTS & CupcakKe
BTS & CupcakKe. Picture: Getty & CupcakKe
Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

The k-pop band are yet to respond to the situation.

Independent rapper CupcakKe has been sent death threats by angry BTS fans on her Instagram. CupcakKe tweeted on Sunday (Jan 7) that she had received "thousands of death threats" and that she would be "reaching out to BTS" if the abuse does not stop.

The full tweets read: "Let's see how BTS feels about this. I think it's about time they know how their fan base is acting! Cause I'm bout done with this shit. At this point I had enough. These BTS stans have thousands of death threats on my Instagram and keep harassing me on Twitter. I can't even do a proper promo album run without them popping up on my shit. I will be reaching out to BTS today & if nothing happen, they get banned."

The aggressive tweets appear to have begun back in November when CupcakKe sent a series of sexually-explicit tweets about BTS member Jungkook. Anyone familiar with CupcakKe's music and Twitter feed will know that she is very open about sex and proudly so. Various news outlets at the time reported that BTS fans were 'disturbed' and 'outraged' by her comments.

CupcakKe fans rushed to her defence but, unfortunately, some took it a little too far and starting sending death threats to BTS members. CupcakKe quickly called out her own fans for responding in this way. BTS are yet to respond.

Why some BTS fans have decided to reignite the feud while CupcakKe is posting about her new album is unclear. But it seems the BTS army, possibly in retaliation to her calling them out on Twitter, did unearthed a problematic tweet made by CupcakKe when she was 15, which she has since apologised for.

This is how people are responding on social media.

Death threats / telling people to kill themselves is never cool, no matter who you stan for. While I'm sure most fans of both artists are innocent of any wrongdoing, it's still worth remembering that when you send hate to someone online that there is a real person with feelings on the receiving end of that. We hope CupcakKe is okay and can focus on all the positivity around her new album.