People Are Sharing Fake Drake Lyrics And It's One Of The Greatest Memes Of All Time

4 July 2018, 17:52 | Updated: 11 December 2018, 14:34

By Sam Prance

'When Drake said... I felt that' is the funniest thing you will see all day...

Drake is all over the news right now. Not only has he just released a record-breaking 25 song long album (Scorpion) but he's also used it to confirm that he does indeed have a son. On songs like 'March 14' and 'Emotionless' he raps about becoming a father and his relationship with his child. It's a remarkable revelation, made even more remarkable by the fact that he may have given Adonis a secret shout out on 'God's Plan'.

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However, it wouldn't be a Drake album without its fair share of bops and Instagram ready lyrics. Unsurprisingly, Drake fans have already picked out their favourites from the album and have been posting them all over social media. In fact, such is the Drake hype that thousands of people have been tweeting his lyrics writing: "When Drake said: 'x', I felt that".

Drake. Picture: Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images // YouTube

Amazing. Naturally though the internet has taken the meme and run with it. Instead of using words from Drake hits, people are now tweeting it with their fave lyrics, catchphrases and generally hilarious things. Like so many brilliant memes it's its simplicity which makes it so great.

Here we've gathered the best ones for you.

You get the best of both worlds with this one.

Aubranna Grontanna is real.

Highkey grateful for Drake for this incredible piece of content.

YouTube 'Cher Lloyd by Cher Lloyd' if confused.

Drake is also responsible for this ubiquitous Killers anthem.

God bless him.

We can't forget that he created the Fairly Odd Godparents theme song either.

He deserved a Grammy for that one.

Drake has also been amazing on this season of Love Island.

Megan would have probably ditched him after two days let's be honest.

It's also thanks to Drake that we have that iconic Riverdale scene.

Team Bake or team Bughead?

Then there was that time that Drake encouraged Mulan to essentially save China via the gift of song.

We felt that shit too.

It's important to remember that Drake is one of the standout Avengers too.

We must protect Captain Canada at all costs.

Oh and the 'Nice for What' superstar is a Pokémon champion.

Ash found rotting.

This lyric is arguably his most inspirational.

I agree.

And last but not least, his greatest artistic achievement of all time.

What a man.