Dua Lipa Was Mobbed By Fans At A Brazilian Airport And It's NOT Okay

8 November 2017, 15:44

Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

"Can you guys please just let me go?"

How many times do we have to remind you that hounding musicians and celebrities just after they've got off an airplane is a terrible thing to do?! Not enough apparently because the same thing just happened to Dua Lipa and it's actually heartbreaking.

Dua arrived in Brazil earlier today ahead of her gigs in São Paulo. After arriving at the airport, she was surrounded by fans and paparazzi as she tried to make her way through the terminal. In the video, you can hear her asking fans and photographers "Can you guys please just let me go?" as her voice cracks and she tries to shield her face from the insane closeness of the flashing paparazzi cameras. 

Fans took to Twitter to show their support and apologise for the small group of Brazilian fans that put her through the stress.







It's not the first time something this horrendous has happened to an artist - and unfortunately, it doesn't seem like it'll be the last

Fifth Harmony are constantly hounded - and physically dragged - at airports. Lauren Jauregui even had an anxiety attack in front of a small group of fans when she walked through an airport without any security. Fans were later criticised for continuing to ask for photos while she was clearly distressed. Brendon Urie even experienced something similar at an airport in Australia when crowds got a little too out of control. 

It doesn't matter if it's a man or a woman, fans needs to start respecting the space of artists in public and particularly at airports and recognise them as humans. You are not entitled to a picture or an autograph. And they are not obligated to stop for you. So stop harassing them.

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