Ed Sheeran Has A Brand New Job

28 July 2015, 15:11 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Ed Sheeran

By Hollie-Anne Brooks

Our favourite ginger popstar is taking his first steps into TV acting.

We had Ed Sheeran down as being a bit predictable, not in a bad way but just in the way that we knew he'd release a killer song, hang out with Tay for a bit, win an award and repeat all over again. But our favourite Brit boy has caught us by surprise with the news that he's going to be a fully fledged actor. Say wha?!

Ed will be appearing in a medieval drama called The Bastard Executioner which promises to be gory AF. Rumour has it that Ed will play a church leader called Sir Cormac which is obvs the scariest name for a character of all time. But this isn't the first time Ed has proved himself as an amazing actor, oh no. We've taken a look through some of Ed Sheeran's most iconic music videos and we'll have you know that the boy has some serious skills; from using women as music instruments to being a sassy as Hell superhero in Hoodie Allen's vid.

So if any talent agents are reading this, check out Ed's repertoire below. And fans, vote on which Ed Sheeran video best shows off his awesome skills.


Which gif showcases Ed Sheeran's acting talents the best?

He's a multitalented dude.

Slamming shots like a pro in Drunk

Werkin' it in Hoodie Allen's All About It

Feeling the feels in Small Bump

Guitar skills in Thinking Out Loud



PS/ Ed clearly deserves a BAFTA for playing himself in his latest vid. Bravo, Ed.