People Think Eminem "Ripped Off" Bhad Bhabie's 'Hi Bich' On His New Album

5 September 2018, 15:19

Bhad Bhabie Eminem
Picture: Christopher Polk/Getty Images for MTV/Atlantic Records

By PopBuzz

There's a pretty savage reason why they sound so alike...

In case you missed it, Eminem dropped a brand new surprise album called Kamikaze the other day and on it, he swiftly (and savagely) dissed half of this generation's new rap artists. The disses are spread out across the whole album but there's one track - "Not Alike" - where he seems to absolutely annihilate everyone.

While some are losing it over the disses, others cannot stop screaming over the fact that "Not Alike" sounds a LOT like Bhad Bhabie's song "Hi Bich". (There's actually a very specific reason why they sound alike but we'll come back to that later.)

Just in case you forgot, Bhad Bhabie is the rap alter ego of 15-year-old Danielle Bregoli (also known as the Cash Me Outside girl). She's a legit rapper now (yes, really...) and her track 'Hi Bich' managed to peak at 68 on Billboard's Hot 100 and at 29 on the R&B/Hip Hop chart. The song has over 70 million plays on YouTube and has over 40 million streams on Spotify which is, to be quite honest, not too shabby at all.

Here's the two tracks together, side by side... see if you can hear the similarities:



Fans noticed the similarities between the two tracks almost immediately and some are even saying that 'Hi Bich' is the better track. Some have also pointed out that it sounds a lot like Migos' 'Bad And Boujee' too...


While some are cackling that Eminem stole the flow of a 15-year-old girl, others are rightly pointing out that the track is supposed to sound like the all too familiar basic flow that is so overused in music these days. The whole album concept - and this track in particular - is a commentary on today's artists and the current state of the new generation of rappers. And to be honest, it's probably more of a dig at Migos' flow than it is at Bhad Bhabie.

The big question is, does Bhad Bhabie even give a damn?