WATCH: Frances Bean Cobain Covered Jimmy Eat World On Insta And People Are Freaking Out

9 August 2016, 11:45 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Courtney Love Frances Bean Cobain
Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

People are comparing Frances voice to her parents Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love

It's got to be hard if your parents are famous. Anything famous sprogs do are automatically compared against their parents' achievements. Now, imagine your parents are as iconic as Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love. Now THAT'S a tough act to follow, right?

Frances, the 24-year-old daughter of Kurt and Courtney, keeps a relatively low profile nowadays but she does pop up now and again with various art projects or, more recently, helping to promote Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck, a documentary about her father. However, she probably wasn't expecting the media interest in her latest Instagram post: a short clip of her singing Jimmy Eat World's 'The Middle'. Watch the video below:


Despite only being ten seconds long, people went suitably ape, with many making comparisons to Kurt or Courtney (she sounds like neither). Most people, however, were actually encouraging Frances to make a full album! 


Frances Bean Cobain Instagram Comment


Frances Bean Cobain Instagram Comment


Frances Bean Cobain Instagram Comment


Frances Bean Cobain Instagram Comment


Can't a girl just upload a video of herself singing once in a while? Ngl tho, we were kinda curious too but maybe let's hold off any talk of more music. None of us want a Kelly Osbourne situation on our hands, amirite? 

Perhaps most importantly, Frances' mum Courtney Love approved of the video. Love reposted the video, captioning it with, "know your father is very proud of this as am I baby, I love you to the moon and back #proudmummy". Awwwww!!!

Would you like to see a Frances Bean Cobain solo album? Let us know in the comments ya'll!