Gerard Way Is Working On A Secret New Music Project

19 February 2018, 13:18 | Updated: 10 December 2018, 16:04

Gerard Way
Gerard Way. Picture: Press

By James Wilson-Taylor

The former My Chemical Romance singer has hit the studio to work on some kind of new music. Could we finally be getting a second solo album?

Gerard Way has revealed to fans that he is currently working on new music...although you might not have even noticed!

The former My Chemical Romance singer turned comic writer posted on Instagram about a new line of DC action figures based on his Batman pitch 'Kingdom of The Mad':

Looks pretty cool.

But, what fans may have missed is that cryptic opening sentence in the caption:

"Hey everybody, I have a music session today (shh!)..."

Could we FINALLY be getting the long-awaited follow up to Way's solo album Hesitant Alien later this year?

Previously, Gerard revealed to us in our exclusive interview that he has been thinking about new music for a while, perhaps tied-in to his work with Young Animal, his DC comics imprint:

PB: Let's talk a little bit about music - you've hinted for a while that there may be some new solo material coming from you soon, what point are you up to with that?

GW: Well I now have a studio. I have this, like, compound type situation where I have a place to record live music and I have a place to record music in a control room and then a place to work on my art projects and my comics. I just kind of, right now, have so many comics due and so many comics to write that I've just been doing that. I've been trying to fit music in but I've just started to kind of write music. So that's starting, it's at a very early stage.

PB: You've done a couple of songs more recently that tied into your work in comics, is that the direction you see your music output moving in?

GW: Well we did a song for Cave Carson (the comic series on Young Animal) that we put out on a casette and then on a picture disc. I'd like to do more of that for Young Animal. I think that would be a great way to break in the studio. I think that the idea was getting the studio up and running to experiment making the Young Animal record. So that way we could break the whole situation in and really figure out...every studio works so different from each other but I figured that would be a good idea. And again, it's another awesome collaborative situation where you get to work with a group of people, whether it's me sat in a room with my co-producer and engineer, or me working on the record alone and then eventually bringing people in, which is what we did with the solo record. For quite a long time, it was just me putting those songs together and then we would bring in other musicians to play parts. But with the Young Animal record, if we get to do that, like Cecil (Castelluci, writer) is a musician so she'd work on a track with me and we're talking about all different people that can contribute. So that'd be fun.

Gerard has a busy year ahead with the Netflix adaptation of his The Umbrella Academy series also set to debut later in 2018.