Harry Styles Fans Clap Back At Twitter User Over 'Dunkirk' Open Letter

20 July 2017, 16:16 | Updated: 19 September 2017, 11:02

harry styles fans
James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

After a lengthy 'warning' message was posted on Twitter, people immediately came to the defence of Harry's fandom.

Harry Styles fans have clapped back at an online critic as their hero makes his acting debut in Dunkirk.

Some Twitter users have sent out some shady messages aimed at fans, ordering them to keep quiet and remain calm in the cinema, much to the irritation of the fandom themselves who, obviously, understand how a f*cking cinema works.

One such message was posted by @PabloBeal, the since-deleted tweet provoking massive debate and garnering criticism from fans and supporters.



Safe to say, nobody was impressed.





Ouch, someone get Pablo some ice packs 'cos he just got burned!

But, to his credit, Pablo has now posted a follow-up message, realising the error of his ways and apologising to the fans he upset.


Fair play Pablo. Fair play.

Basically, if you plan on going to see Dunkirk at the weekend (which you really should - we hear it's awesome), don't give Harry Styles fans any patronising speeches because you are 1) wrong and 2) will get destroyed.

And if you are a Harry fan, have fun. Your boy looks set for a big acting future!

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