We Asked Hurts 30 Quick Fire Questions And Here's What Happened

6 October 2015, 17:47 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

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By Alim Kheraj

So many questions in so little time.

Manchester duo Hurts are pretty massive around the world. They've got fans in places that other artists wouldn't dare venture, and that's part of what makes them great. That and the fact that they write epic, dramatic and enjoyable pop songs. 

What's more, the band have a new album coming out this week called Surrender and it's really rather good. 

If you're not aware of some of the amazingness that's been released from the album here is "Some Kind Of Heaven". 

Quite something, we're sure you'll agree.

Ahead of the new record's release we jumped on the phone to one half of Hurts, Theo Hutchcraft, to ask him 30 quick fire questions resulting in a variety of answers that may or may not reveal his favourite biscuits, whether Calvin Harris actually wears Armani pants and whether or not he's written a song for Britney Spears...

PopBuzz: Hello Theo. How are you?
Theo: Good thanks. Enjoying this rain, the lovely rain.

PB: I've heard there's some sort of hurricane or mass downpour coming.
Theo: Maybe Morrissey has planted a curse on all of Britain.

PB: Quite possible. Quite possibly. Are you ready to do some quick fire questions.
Theo: Ok, yes, no problem.

PB: Let us begin. Your album is called Surrender. Why?
Theo: Because it's...an interesting title for an album?

PB: When was the last time you had to surrender something?
Theo: I had to surrender my seat on the tube to let an old lady sit down.

PB: When do you feel someone should surrender?
Theo: This is quite hard. When they feel like they have too many boundaries.

PB: Would you surrender your twitter to your mother for the day?
Theo: Yes! It'd be really funny.

PB: Are you more an Instagram or Snapchat kinda guy?
Theo: Instagram.

PB: Someone sends you a nudie snapchat by accident what do you do?
Theo: Tell them! They might have sent it to loads of other people.

PB: How do you respond to a subtweet?
Theo: I don't.

PB: Which biscuits give you some kind of heaven?
Theo: Oh, bourbons biscuits. They're the best of the biscuits.

PB: What’s your favourite Instagram filter?
Theo: Black and white.

PB: Does Calvin Harris actually wear Armani underwear?
Theo: If the photos are to be believed yes [laughs].

PB: There’s a song on the deluxe album called “Policewoman”. Is that your favourite type of uniform?
Theo: Yes.

PB: Have you or would you ever sign up to Uniform Dating, the online dating site?
Theo: Maybe.

PB: If Surrender was an animal what would it be and would you keep it as a pet?
Theo: It would be a puppy because it would be very excitable and very energetic, but it would also have a little bark. So yes, I would keep it as a pet.

PB: What was the last thing you dreamt about?
Theo: I had a dream last night about getting my ears pierced, which is very weird because I have my ears pierced.

PB: I would google that because it might mean something.
Theo: It was a painful dream. It's also a very mundane dream [laughs].

PB: What was the last fancy meal you ate?
Theo: I had sushi last night.

PB: How do you take your tea?
Theo: I take it with milk, but I leave the teabag in. Also, sometimes with two tea bags.

PB: Strong. Is “Wonderful Life” your best song?
Theo: That's not for me to decide [laughs].

PB: What was the last gift you received where you were like, “oh, that’s not that nice" but you had to pretend to love it?

Theo: I once got given some pig fat in a bag by a fan in Ukraine. It was obviously a nice gift, but I didn't really like it. The gesture was nice, but having a plastic bag with pig fat in is just not very pleasant. I ended up keeping it on the table for a bit before consigning it to the bin.

FB: Would you do a song with Fetty Wap?
Theo: No.

FB: Which legend living or dead would you want to record a duet with?
Theo: Eminem.

FB: You’re stuck at a service station while on tour and there’s a crazy cannibal axe murderer on the loose. Who would survive, you or your bandmate Adam?
Theo: I don't know if we'd split up or stay together, that's the hard thing. We're both quite fast. Adam's very sporty, so he might be able to out run the murderer and I might be able to charm him.

FB: When the Rihanna album drops, how many hit singles do you think it’ll spawn?
Theo: I think it'll have four...NO! Hold on, I think it'll have two.

FB: When do you think the new Rihanna album will drop?
Theo: I think it's going to come spring next year.

PB: Do chart positions matter?
Theo: In a traditional sense, yeah. I like the pop chart.

PB: Why wasn’t “Lights” a proper single?
Theo: It is a proper single! It's a proper single everywhere around the world, you just might not have heard it on the radio [laughs]. 

PB: Would you ever pack it all in and join the circus, and if so what would be your chosen profession?
Theo: Yes. My speciality would be between magic, being fired out of a cannonball or a lion tamer. Any of those.

PB: Would you write a song for Britney Spears?
Theo: Yes. Have I written a song for Britney Spears? Maybe...

PB: Is Kylie Minogue’s Christmas album a disaster or a stroke of genius?
Theo: Christmas albums are always as stroke of genius, but not the first year they come out. They're irrelevant the first year they come out because Christmas songs are only good when they have memories attached to them. When we did our Christmas song the first year it came out it wasn't that important. But the year after and the year after that that they become something. Like a snowball. Only time will tell.

PB: Sum up the album in three emojis, pls.
Theo: It would be the volcano emoji, the muscle arm emoji with the clenched fist and guy crying with laughter emoji.

Hurts Emojis

Hurts release Surrender on 9 October. 

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