People think Jacob Sartorius’ new song shades Millie Bobby Brown and Drake

9 November 2018, 13:52

By Katie Louise Smith

There's one line in the lyrics of Jacob's new song "We're Not Friends" that's got people talking...

Jacob Sartorius released a brand new album the other day and fans think one of the new songs might be a diss track... toward Drake. On the song, "We're Not Friends", there's a little bit of a shady lyric that appears to refer to his ex-girlfriend Millie Bobby Brown and her friendship with the Canadian rapper. (Please believe me when I say: that is a sentence I never thought I'd write.)

In case you weren't aware, Millie and Jacob dated for seven months earlier this year and broke up in July stating that they were both happy and would "remain friends".

In September, Millie and Drake's unlikely friendship became a bigger deal than it actually is when she revealed that they text each other all the time and that Drake gives her advice "about boys". Some people thought it was weird, Millie didn't and she quickly clapped back.

But now, after exactly three plays and an extensive skim read of the lyrics by yours truly, it appears as though there is indeed a very subtle reference to Millie and Drake's friendship on Jacob's new song "We're Not Friends".

Jacob Sartorius and Millie Bobby Bobby and Drake
Jacob Sartorius' new song might have a lyric that references Millie Bobby Brown. Picture: Monica Schipper/Getty Images for iHeartMedia/@milliebobbybrown via Instagram

What are the lyrics in question? Here they are in full: “We’re not friends, we’re not friends / Do you think I really wanna hear about him? / I do it for a reason, not just to be nice / Girl I wanna give you more than good advice.”

Of course, it's all speculation but people are still a little shook over the potential reference. "Girl I wanna give you more than good advice"? A confidence? A direct hit? Or just a carefully curated lyric to get people thinking?

Speaking to Billboard, Jacob revealed the true meaning behind the song: “We wrote this song kind of as a ‘friend zone’ song. It’s basically about being in that position where you want to be more than friends with somebody, and you’re just done hearing about the other guys she’s been with or trying to be with.”

So, are the lyrics about Drake? Probably not and we honestly may never know. And that, my friends, is the art of songwriting.