Kanye West's New Album Title Reveals More Than You Think

11 February 2016, 17:08 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Kanye West Asset

By Victoria Pavlova

Asking the important questions.

Kanye West has changed the album title again. The record, formerly known as So Help Me God, SWISH and, briefly WAVES, shall henseforth be referred to as The Life of Pablo. Which begs the obvious question: which Pablo are we talking here? Kanye clearly wants us to wonder too.


Pablo Picasso would be the obvious choice, since Yeezus has used the comparison before. But he doesn't do anything obvious. So here are our (wildly exaggerated and definitely untrue) theories:

1. Pablo Escobar, famed Colombian druglord.

Purely as an homage to his entrepreneurship, ofc.

2.Pablo, the tiny old Peruvian shoemaker, who inspired the Yeezys and shared a fabulous coca tea recipe with Kimye.

They now make it every week for their Sunday Spa night.

3. Pablo, the shaman Kanye met once upon a time on a trek across South America.

When Yeezy got lost, the wiseman appeared seemingly out of nowhere. He only said two words:"north" and "west", to which Kanye is rumoured to have responded with "DO I LOOK LIKE I HAVE A COMPASS, BRO???" Only later would he come to realise the true meaning of this encounter.

4. Pablo Neruda, famed Chilean poet and politician.

Kanye West Fake Quote

Kanye is rumoured to take inspiration from this 20th century icon in both his lyrical style and gentle demeanour. 

5. Pablo, the unofficial name for Kanye's upcoming brand of weed. 

Maybe he's just doing a little cross-promotion? And no, Wiz Khalifa didn't do it first, in fact, without Kanye, THERE WOULDN'T EVEN BE A WIZ KHALIFA.