Kim Petras defends her decision to work with Dr. Luke

28 November 2022, 14:51

By Sam Prance

Kim Petras has made the majority of her music with Dr. Luke in spite of Kesha's allegations against him.

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Kim Petras has opened up about her decision to work with Dr. Luke and said that she has "nothing to be ashamed of at all".

As soon as Kesha accused Dr. Luke of sexually assaulting her and filed a series of lawsuits against him in 2014, many artists stopped working with the producer. However, in recent years, a range of stars have begun working with him again. Dr. Luke was involved in hits such as 'Super Freaky Girl' by Nicki Minaj, 'Kiss Me More' by Doja Cat and 'Big Energy' by Latto.

On top of that, Dr. Luke has co-written almost all of 'Unholy' singer Kim Petras' songs and now Kim's spoken out about it.

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Kim Petras defends her decision to work with Dr. Luke
Kim Petras defends her decision to work with Dr. Luke. Picture: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images, John Shearer/Getty Images

Yesterday (Nov 27), in a now-deleted-tweet, Kim wrote: "Get talented or good at anything then talk to me". In response, a fan of Kesha tweeted: "Stop defending dr luke first". Kim then defended herself by writing: "5000000 people work with him why y'all only coming at me . I have nothing to say or be ashamed of at all . go away."

One fan replied to Kim by tweeting: "As much as i used to love you, i cannot support the unapologetic rapist supporting on your end. it just doesn't sit right with me. please learn from this and grow as an artist and a person please." Kim then tweeted: "U don't support me u don't even follow me lmao."

Many others then began criticising Kim for defending her work with an alleged abuser and the hashtag #FreeKesha began trending. Kim later deleted all of the tweets.

Meanwhile, Kesha appeared to address her fans who have been sticking up for by tweeting: "Thank you".

This isn't the first time that Kim has defended Dr. Luke. She's even implied that she doesn't believe Kesha's allegations. In 2018, Kim told NME: "I’m a big fan of his, and we write music very well together." She continued: "I would like my fans to know that I wouldn’t work with somebody I believe to be an abuser of women, definitely not."

As it stands, Kim is yet to comment further on the backlash. We shall update you if she does.

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