Lauren Jauregui went braless to 'piss off Conservatives' and it's a whole mood

8 November 2018, 15:51

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Lauren Jauregui arrives at the 2018 American Music Awards/selfie
Lauren Jauregui went braless to 'piss off Conservatives'. Picture: Getty/Twitter/@LMJUpdates

Lots of celebs used their platform to encourage their fans to vote but no-one did it quite like Lauren Jauregui.

The former Fifth Harmony singer made a powerful statement on Instagram after casting her vote in the US midterms. Lauren had an Election Day "I voted" sticker slapped on her sheer t-shirt, which revealed she wasn't wearing a bra. "Good morning humans, I have voted for freedom," she sang. "Sorry you saw my nipple… anyway I voted. If you don't go out there and vote I'm going to kick your ass."

Later, a fan asked why she decided to vote without a bra – er, probably because it's comfortable AF!? Lauren had the best reply, tweeting back: "I love pissing off conservatives. A see-through shirt that has Freedom written across the chest in rainbow????? Like yeah, that’s exactly what I’m wearing to vote." Lauren's fans concluded her response was a whole mood and it actually encouraged them to go vote too.

The Expectations singer didn't quite get the result she'd hoped for despite her braless campaign. Lauren hinted that she had voted for the Democrats, who were beaten by the Republicans. She tweeted "I mean HONESTLY" in response to a post about Florida 50.1% Republican vote, which read: "Florida living 5 feet above sea level and voting for the party that doesn't believe in climate change..."

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