Lil Xan just got "detained" by police days after leaving rehab

18 December 2018, 11:39 | Updated: 18 December 2018, 11:48

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Trouble just follows Lil Xan.

The "Betrayed" rapper was detained by police just days after announcing he was out of rehab and sober. In November, Lil Xan was admitted to rehab after struggling with opioid addiction. He revealed he had been released on Friday (Dec 14) but his journey into sobriety wasn't the only challenge he had to face.

Lil Xan posted a video on Instagram, which showed him and his friends being approached by a police officer. In the video, Xan asked the officer if he's being detained and the cop – whose face you can't see – replies, "We're just asking you some questions." Xan then hits back: "I'm being detained, basically. He didn't want to say it. I'm being detained for playing loud music at my Airbnb."

Lil Xan visits MTV TRL on January 9, 2018.
Lil Xan is in trouble again. Picture: Getty

Lil Xan believed he was "profiled" for how he looks, as he added in the Instagram caption: "Not a gated community just playing music at 10 having a good Sunday lol cops came with hands on there guns asking me to put my hands where I can see them and I did.

"Detained for no reason and these cops profiled me for the way I look. Anyone who thinks wants to say I'm not sober can think that but I'm completely sober and was acting very calm. Just gonna leave this video here! Everyone have a good day tho."


Lil Xan later revealed he was asked to leave the Airbnb after the incident by text message. It read: "After speaking with you, the city of Palm Springs, the police department, and Airbnb, we have decided it is best that your group vacate the home within the hour. Several violations were broken, and after talking with the city and the police it was apparent that your group had no intention of stopping the disruptive behaviour."

The text Lil Xan received.
The text Lil Xan received. Picture: Instagram/@xanxiety

Lil Xan briefly left rehab to sign for the house – which is located in his hometown of Redlands, California – with a nurse present and to prepare for his release. According to TMZ, the luxury abode had a studio with all the amenities, as he prepares to drop his album "Be Safe" next month, which has been inspired by Mac Miller.