The Linda Lindas go viral for calling out ‘racist, sexist boy’ in new song

21 May 2021, 11:04

By Emma Clarke

The Linda Lindas have gone viral for their impassioned performance of their new song, 'Racist Sexist Boy'.

Celebrating AAPI Heritage Month, the Linda Lindas performed at the Los Angeles Public Library.

While the video was taken several weeks ago, it's since blown up and is doing the rounds on social media.

In the video, the band's drummer begins by explaining: "A little while before we went into lockdown, a boy came up to me in my class and said that his dad told him to stay away from Chinese people.

"After I told him that I was Chinese, he backed away from me. Eloise and I wrote this song based on that experience."

The punk rock quartet - made up of Mila, 10, Eloise, 13, Lucia, 14, and Bela, 16 - then break into song, which is aptly named 'Racist Sexist Boy'.

The track combines angsty guitar chords and powerful lyrics, such as: "You say mean stuff and you close your mind to things you don't like / You turn away from what you don't wanna see."

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Comedian Jenny Yang wrote on Twitter: "If you need a dose of hope today...TURN THIS SHT UPPPP [sic]".

Rage Against the Machine's Tom Morello also dubbed the track the "song of the day".

The band is made up of two sisters, their cousin and a close friend, and are half Lantinx, half Asian.

Describing their sound, the Linda Lindas say they "channel the spirit of original punk, power pop, and new wave through today's ears, eyes, and minds."

They have already got some impressive work under their belts, having featured in Amy Poehler's Netflix film Moxie.

The Linda Lindas also wrote and performed an original song for the streaming platform's documentary, The Claudia Kishi Club.

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