Noah Cyrus calls out 'Atypical' actor for comments about Ariana Grande and Kim K

21 December 2018, 13:08

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Michael Rapaport addressed the situation on his podcast–"me saying this is not bashing women."

Atypical star Michael Rapaport made headlines this week after his comments about Ariana Grande's age and appearance went viral on social media. The actor and comedian, who currently plays Doug Gardner on Netflix's Atypical, wrote on Twitter that "Ariana Grande is 27 acts 12" and went on to further comment on her appearance.

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Rapaport has been met with criticism for the controversial statements and his latest Instagram comment about Kim Kardashian even elicited a response from Noah Cyrus.

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I need a spray tan

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Kim Kardashian shared a closet selfie of herself on Instagram wearing a pink bikini with the caption "I need a spray tan." Rapaport then responded to the photo with a comment that said: "you hate yourself".

Singer Noah Cyrus took a moment to defend Kim, writing, "bruh. why you soooo mad. stop attacking women for likes."

Kim Kardashian comments Noah Cyrus
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Rapaport discussed the situation on his podcast I AM RAPAPORT, saying that his comments had not meant to bash women.

"Me saying this is not bashing women. I want you to love yourself, Kim Kardashian. I want you to love yourself, Ariana Grande," he said on the podcast.

Neither Kim Kardashian or Ariana Grande have publicly responded to the comments. As for Noah Cyrus' comment, women supporting women is always a huge win, especially against unprovoked criticism.