EXCLUSIVE: A Girl Was Left Unconscious After Parker Cannon Kicked Selfie-Taking Fan Into Audience

14 April 2016, 16:53 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

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James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

A collision with the crowd as Becca Ilic fell left one The Story So Far fan seriously injured.

Earlier this week, a video of The Story So Far frontman Parker Cannon kicking fan Becca Ilic off stage at a gig in Toronto for taking a selfie went viral. Since then, Becca has issued some comments through Facebook, admitting fault and excusing Parker's actions. 

But we have discovered a second crowd member injured in the incident as the safety controversy continues and the video makes headlines worldwide.

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PopBuzz spoke with Mirela Maguire whose daughter Amelia was in attendance at the Toronto show. When Becca was kicked offstage, she landed on top of Amelia who was knocked unconscious and left with whiplash and is still recovering several days later. 

Amelia was not in the mosh pit and, unlike with the stage diving in the rest of the video, the sudden push of Becca off stage without warning caught her, and those around her, completely off guard. Several other attendees who saw what happened helped her exit the venue.


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PopBuzz: How are you guys feeling about everything? The girl pushed off seems to have apologised to the band rather than get angry. How are you moving forward with all this?

Mirela: Moving slowly because my daughters pain hasn't subsided. But she said it was just a tap on the back but it must've been much more for it to make my daughter lose consciousness.

PB: Is Parker at fault for pushing her or is this a venue security issue?

Mirela: I blame him. It was him pushing her. Regardless if she was up there for too long or she was drunk. They never said anything about not being allowed on stage.

PB: Sure, and stage diving seemed to be encouraged. Have you contacted the venue or anyone else to pursue this further?

Mirela: Not yet but it has been reported. What he's done was totally wrong and the world should know that...I wish nobody else will get hurt.


As previously reported, the Mod Club venue has banned the group from ever performing there again as the debate over appropriate crowd safety continues. 

Many have cited similarities between this and the Randy Blythe incident, where a 19 year old fan died after being pushed from the stage at a Lamb Of God concert. While thankfully the injuries here have not been to that level, the debate over appropriate crowd safety continues on. 

The Story So Far are yet to comment.