This Pop Punk Singer Brutally Kicked A Girl Off Stage For Taking A Selfie

12 April 2016, 15:14 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

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James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

The Story So Far's Parker Cannon has crossed a line and we are tired of excuses.

Video emerged today from a The Story So Far gig in Toronto where, as Noisey have reported, a girl is kicked off the stage face first into the crowd by lead singer Parker Cannon for taking a selfie.

UPDATE: A fan was knocked unconscious as the girl kicked offstage collided into the crowd. 

Click below for the story:


The moment occurs at around 30 seconds into this clip.

It's sad I still have to write this in 2016 but seriously - when are we going to stop defending and get rid of the pop punk "bros" who have no respect for women, or indeed their fans, in this scene?

Don't think this is a problem? Read just a few of the comments underneath the video of the incident:

youtube comments


These are the tip of the iceberg as many fans flock to defend the singer for purposely kicking a young woman at full force into a crowd of people.

This is not the first time Parker has been caught kicking a fan offstage for taking a selfie and while this is NEVER acceptable, this new video is certainly the most aggressive example and the only one with a female victim. It should also be noted that the stage was, like at many of the band's other shows, quickly flooded with other audience members stage diving without suffering a beating from the performer. 

Whether or not stage diving or on-stage selfies are acceptable is a debate for another time. The only point worth discussing now is why this behaviour was allowed to go unchallenged on the night, even being greeted by cheers, and why Parker is still to be called out for this behaviour by members of the wider pop punk scene.


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Ever since my teen years I have always found myself to be something of a pop punk apologist, usually against those who couldn't understand the appeal of bouncing like a maniac to New Found Glory in a dive bar at 2am on a school night. 

From Fall Out Boy's tales of getting out of Chicago to Green Day's stoner anthems of wasting away, pop punk has always been music for the underdogs and the misfits, so the urge to defend it against attacks from "mainstream" music fans or press is somewhat understandable.


The reason any breakthrough act like Panic! or All Time Low have reached greater heights is not just their willingness to experiment with different musical styles or their general professionalism but their openness and welcoming attitude towards ALL fans. That and their lyrical content that positions themselves as the voices of the mainstream outsiders. 

Tonight Alive's latest album is full of messages of empowerment that I have seen reiterated first-hand in emotional monologues by frontwoman Jenna during their live shows. Paramore just spent the best part of a week on a cruise with their devotees, meeting and interacting with all comers as if they were family. 

Parker Cannon just aggressively kicked his own fan. He does not deserve a place in this community.

The Story So Far will continue on their tour schedule including dates headlining a stage at Slam Dunk in May. I won't be watching. And if you care about this scene, you need to stop the defending and condemn these actions.

Let us know your thoughts below.