Pierce The Veil's Mike Fuentes To "Step Away" From Band After Sexual Misconduct Allegations

18 December 2017, 10:12

Pierce The Veil
Pierce The Veil. Picture: Press

By James Wilson-Taylor

The drummer released a statement on the band's official Facebook page over the weekend.

Mike Fuentes, the longtime drummer in Pierce The Veil, has released a statement announcing that he is to "step away" from the band after allegations of sexual misconduct with a minor spread online.

Mike made the announcement via the band's official Facebook page, in which he said "I’m of course aware of the allegation made about me from almost 10 years ago, and I cannot begin to describe how difficult and disturbing this entire situation has been for everyone involved".

The group have also pulled out of their upcoming UK tour dates with All Time Low which were set to take place in March 2018. ATL have yet to announce a replacement support act.

Allegations of misconduct against Mike were made on Twitter back in November when an anonymous girl claimed to have had a relationship with the drummer when she was 16 years old. The tweets included explicit screen caps allegedly taken from online chats the pair had.

A further accuser, Shannon Bray, later claimed that Mike had approached her at a Warped Tour date when she was 14 in a discussion with Loudwire:

"When we parted ways, and he said, 'Let me get your phone number.' So we texted for a while, and he’d always say things like, 'I was too nervous to kiss you, but next time I will.' He never kissed me or anything; the furthest he went was holding my hand. We hung out until I was 15, still never doing anything other than holding hands. I remember him texting me, 'I have a question for you. Will you date me? You should send me pics ;).’ I specifically remember not knowing what he meant, so I sent him a picture of me smiling. And then he said, ‘No, not that kind of pic,’ and then I didn’t respond. Our relationship fizzled out, we didn’t talk after that."

Read Mike's statement in full below:

From the day we started this band, the four of us agreed that we not only wanted to write and play songs together for...

Posted by Pierce The Veil on Saturday, 16 December 2017