Pop Punk Lego Now Exists And Everything Is Awesome

16 November 2015, 11:33 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

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James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

Get Your Own Gerard Way Made Of Bricks

I don't care what age you are - everybody loves lego. It is arguably the greatest toy ever created, largely because it let's you create any other toy you could possibly want. 

The movie was, of course, awesome, the video games are as fun as gaming gets (lego batman>Arkham asylum - there, I said it) and the official theme sets have always brought out the big kid in us.  The latest ones include a full Ghostbusters firehouse, Star Wars Millennium Falcon and a Doctor Who Tardis. It's like they are rewarding us for remaining nerdy into adulthood.

The only way Lego could get any cooler is if they somehow incorporated our favourite bands into the equation.

People have designed ideas before, like artist Adly Syairi Ramly.

But we don't just want pictures, we want someone to make pop-punk lego we can actually buy and play with!

And the geniuses over at MiniFigs have done just that.

Here's lego FOB.

Excellent Indiana Jones-esque hat-work from Patrick there.

You could also grab yourself an MCR set.


Complete with souvenir motorcycle helmet! And customised jackets.


Yours for just £49.99!


Minifig make made-to-order lego sets of your favourite bands and characters. You can have everyone from Finn and Jake...


To a complete set of Johnny Depps


Or how about One Direction, available with or without stage.


And, of course, the popstar king of lego himself, Ed Sheeran.

They make custom orders so if you can't find what you want, just send them a photo and watch the magic happen.

And, in possibly the most punk toy news ever, they will even make sure that they get the exact detailing of your tattoos in lego form.


Thanks minifigs!


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