Watch Your Pop Punk Faves Go Smooth In This Hilarious Mashup

14 December 2015, 16:36 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

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James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

Blink, FOB, Panic!, Paramore...

British singing trio The Lounge Kittens have been doing the rounds on the internet and festival circuit for the last few years with their piano and vocal harmonies. We even saw them covering Foo Fighters numbers at Glastonbury earlier this year after Dave Grohl and co. were forced to pull out.

Well, now they have turned their attention to Pop Punk with what is undoubtedly the smoothest medley of trash hits you have ever heard. Featuring songs by Blink, FOB, Paramore, Good Charlotte, Panic!, Sum 41, Less Than Jake and many many more.

Pop punk signifies such an important part of us all growing up, rebelling against our parents, being stupid and annoying (yeah… we USED to be annoying…) and being alternative to the ‘normal’ crowd. Singing the medley is like experiencing a whole night at a rock bar in just 5 minutes – everyone’s favourite bits from songs filled with nostalgia. Let loose, live free, run around in a shopping trolley, fall off your skateboard and pretend it didn’t hurt, shave your head, wear cheap rubber bangles and have fun with the only people who really ‘understand you’; your mates.

Jen, The Lounge Kittens

Listen to their epic medley below:

If you like what you hear you can pledge to their album here.

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