WATCH: Ryan Ross Plays A Dead Body In This Weird AF New Music Video

5 February 2018, 11:13

Ryan Ross
Ryan Ross. Picture: Ethan Miller, Getty, Instagram

By James Wilson-Taylor

The former Panic! At The Disco member appears in the slightly creepy new promo for Z Berg's latest single.

Ryan Ross, the former Panic! At The Disco and The Young Veins member, has made a rare on-screen appearance, taking on a leading role in a brand new music video.

Ross announced the project on his Instagram this weekend (February 4th), revealing a glimpse of his work on Z Berg's new video for 'I Fall For The Same Face Every Time', directed by Dominic Haydn Rawle:

The artful clip sees Ross appear as a dead body, kept hidden in the trunk of Z Berg's car as she drives around to find a quiet place to bury him. Perhaps coincidentally, Z Berg also appears to be dressed in a remarkably similar fashion to the garments favoured by Ross during the height of his Pretty. Odd. fame.

Z Berg later explained the meaning behind the song in her own Instagram post:

May I present to you, I Fall For The Same Face Every Time, directed by my genius friend @dominichaydnrawle, starring @thisistherealryanross. Go to the link in my bio to watch! And you can find the song on iTunes, Apple Music, and Spotify. I wrote this song many many years ago when my hair was still bobbed and I was living in the valley. It’s a small meditation on loss and resignation. It’s about relishing the pain because it’s all you have left, and once the pain dies, it’s really over. It’s about refusing to change your patterns because you define yourself by your bad decisions and your unwillingness to grow. It’s about the instincts we oscillate wildly between- to shun our past, get over our pain, to kill our idols...or to jump back into the darkness and snuggle up to the dull pain of nostalgia and the romantic notion of what we miss and what could have been. In a moment in history when it is so glaringly apparent that history repeats itself, endlessly and hopelessly, in a vicious cycle from which we appear to learn nothing, the personal reflection of that universal sentiment feels particularly relevant to me. The video, starring the real life subject of the song, is an examination of said loss, resignation, and haunting, and of the fusing of real life and fiction that comes from writing songs about your life. When you put it all in your writing, you ficitonalize your memories, you rewrite the history of your life. You apply order to the chaos. Turn the tawdry into tragic. And as more time passes those elevated rewrites replace your real memories until they’re all that’s left. I wanted the video to further blur that line between fact and fiction. Also I thought of how much our dead hero means to many of you, that in many ways he’s almost become the stuff of myths, someone we have all imbued with our own love and loss and longing for our childhoods and of better days long gone. And that love, too, is real and unique and meaningful. And also I thought it would be funny.

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The track is available on all good streaming services now.

Check out the full music video for 'I Fall For The Same Face Every Time' below:

Z Berg - I Fall For The Same Face Every Time

Z Berg - I Fall For The Same Face Every Time