Katy Perry Accused Of Being A “Bully” By Ryn Weaver In Twitter Rant

17 February 2016, 14:26 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

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Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

Ryn does like Kesha though.


Singer Ryn Weaver took to her Twitter a few hours ago (17 Feb) to label Katy Perry a "bully". She then added an extra level of shade, stating she was "personally victimized by Regina George". Ouch! Here's what went down.

At around 3am LA time, Ryn took to her Twitter to start beefing. Because everyone loves late night beef.

ryn weaver tweet

Somewhat bizarrely, Ryn then immediately implicated Hillary Clinton into the beef sandwich.

ryn weaver tweet

It sure does *sips tea*

ryn weaver tweet

Ummm we're not sure who asked but we're defo glad they did.

ryn weaver tweet

Then she started getting hate from Katy Perry fans.

ryn weaver tweet

Her responses to Perry fans were pretty curt. Although this one was actually pretty funny.

ryn weaver tweet

At one point she mentions Benny Benassi, who remixed Perry's song "E.T". I'm sure he's gonna love being involved in this sh*t storm.

ryn weaver tweet 

At least she had some nice things to say about Kesha.

ryn weaver tweet

LOL! Okay, we have some questions:

1) What the HELL did Katy Perry do?

2) What does Hillary Clinton have to do with this? Did Hilary shade Ryn, too? 

3) Will Katy respond?

4) Does this vindicate Taylor Swift claims about Ms. Perry?

5) Is Ryn just really high rn?

6) Does anyone actually care?

We'll keep you updated!