This Legendary Band Posted A Pro-Trump Instagram & Their Fans Are P*ssed

26 January 2017, 15:13 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

The legendary metal band have come under fire after the lead singer backs the photo in a message to fans.

A major metal band have faced backlash from their fans after posting an Instagram image celebrating new US President Donald Trump.

Heavy legends Slayer posted a photoshopped image of the band members with Trump on January 20th, the day of his inauguration, which was met with so many negative comments that it was quickly deleted.

However, frontman Tom Araya has now reposted the image to the account, calling fans "snowflakes" and demanding to know who took it down in the first place.



Once again, the pic has had a "mixed" response to say the least, with a mix of hardcore Trump supporters slamming their fellow fans, angry anti-Trump protestors unhappy with the band's endorsement, and a few who just don't like being insulted by their musical hero.

slayer comment 1


slayer comment 2


slayer comment 3


slayer comment 4


slayer comment 5 


Basically, things are getting pretty heated in that comments section.

But, interestingly, fellow Slayer member Kerry King does not share his bandmate's political opinion, actually voicing his support for Democratic candidate Hilary Clinton in a Rolling Stone interview published during the election campaign.


Hillary Clinton is the safe, correct choice. Trump is just a sideshow. I’m not even going to apologise to all the Trump followers. I think the reason he's so popular is because he's like the politics version of WWE. He's sensational like wrestling and that's why middle America loves him.

Kerry King


Could this difference in views have led to the picture's removal in the first place? 

What do you guys think of Tom's message? Let us know below.

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