How to find my Spotify Sound Town? The Wrapped 2023 feature explained

29 November 2023, 13:35 | Updated: 29 November 2023, 15:43

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By Sam Prance

Spotify Wrapped 2023 comes with a new feature called Spotify Sound Town and it's super simple to find and share yours.

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Seen people sharing their Spotify Sound Town on social media and want to know what yours is? It's super easy to find out.

Every year Spotify aims to make Spotify Wrapped bigger and better. As well as revealing what your most popular songs and artists of the year are, Spotify Wrapped also includes unique features every year that break social media. In 2022, Spotify revealed what your Listening Personality is and in 2021, Spotify gave you your own unique Movie Soundtrack.

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Ever wanted to know where in the world matches your music taste? Well, Spotify is now telling you your Sound Town.

What is a Spotify Sound Town?

How to find my Spotify Sound Town? The Wrapped 2023 feature explained
How to find my Spotify Sound Town? The Wrapped 2023 feature explained. Picture: Spotify

A Spotify Sound Town is the town in the world that has the most similar music taste to you. Spotify uses your 2023 listening data and compares it to the average listening habits in cities all around the world. Spotify unveils the feature by giving you a map, pointing out the city and telling you three artists that people in that city love listening to.

To find out what your Spotify Sound Town is, all you have to do is access your Spotify Wrapped results. You can find your 2023 Wrapped on the Spotify app and on the desktop website. If your Wrapped isn't appearing just yet, click here and simply scan the QR code. This will take you to the app and your results.

Find your Spotify Sound Town here

To get your Sound Town, scroll to the third slide of your Wrapped and your results will be revealed. You then have the chance to share your Sound Town directly to your socials.

What is a Spotify Sound Town?
What is a Spotify Sound Town? Picture: Spotify

Which Sound Town did you get?

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