People Think The Chainsmokers' New Song Sounds Like Twenty One Pilots...But Do You Agree?

18 January 2018, 10:47

The Chainsmokers, Twenty One Pilots
The Chainsmokers, Twenty One Pilots. Picture: Press

By James Wilson-Taylor

The electronic duo's new single 'Sick Boy' is getting a lot of attention from the skeleton clique, but not necessarily for the right reasons...

Hoards of angry music fans have taken to Twitter overnight (January 17th) as The Chainsmokers dropped their new song, entitled 'Sick Boy', on an unsuspecting public.

The Chainsmokers - Sick Boy

Yes, while Drew and Alex certainly have their legions of adoring fans, many have been bombarding social media with angry comments for one very specific reason - they think 'Sick Boy' sounds like a Twenty One Pilots song:

As you can see, there's a lot of feelings going on here.

So let's be real - while we get that the new song has a bit of a 'Heathens' vibe to it, we reckon it is a bit of a stretch to say it actually sounds like it could be a TØP song. Maybe fans are just so starved by Tyler and Josh's hiatus that they are grasping at straws?

What do you guys think? Does The Chainsmokers' 'Sick Boy' really sound like they are copying Twenty One Pilots? Let us know what you think over in the Facebook comments.