WATCH: This Song Written With Tweets From Famous Fuccbois Will Make You Scream

24 January 2017, 11:14 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

You'll recognise a few of these...

It's hard to pinpoint what exactly a fuccboi is but we've always liked this Urban Dictionary entry: "a manipulating dick who does whatever it takes to benefit him, regardless of who he screws over. They will screw over anyone and everyone as long they get what they want." Tell it like it is, sister.

But there is a specific type of fuccboi on Twitter that really makes our blood boil, and they tend to specialise in leading girls on and messing with girls’ feelings with cryptic messages, addressed to no one, with vapid comments like 'I wish you'd notice me' or 'I can't believe you don't follow me I'm so sad' in the hope that you'll feel sorry for them and send them a nude. The level of shamelessness is truly out of this world.

To address the problem, those good folks at Smosh have made a song written entirely with tweets by fuccbois and it's honestly, truly glorious. Famous fuccbois like Jacob Sartorious and Cameron Dallas might want to look away now...