This Test Will Reveal If You're Tone Deaf Or Not

11 November 2016, 11:14 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

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Katie Louise-Smith

By Katie Louise-Smith

Pretty sure we're all pitch perfect AF!

We've all had those moments when we're chilling in our rooms, speakers at full volume, shuffling through our playlists of power ballads and rock anthems, hitting every note and thinking maybe, just maybe, I have what it takes to become a successful musician. 

And then you're rudely awakened by a text message from your mum telling you that you can't sing and that you need to shut up. How dare she?


Maybe she's right? Maybe you're tone deaf and you haven't realised it yet. Thankfully for you, and your potential chart topping career, there's a free test to prove her wrong. 

There's a little thing called, would you believe it, which puts you through an intense few rounds of pitching and scaling challenges and is designed to measure your pitch sensitivity. This test will determine whether you have the fundamental abilities you need, which can then be developed and improved through ear training and singing practice.

If you pass the test you can be quite confident you have the fundamental pitch abilities required to become a good musician. 


The test is done in three stages, with twelve questions in each round. Your final score is ranked out of 36 and you're given a final percentage. For those wondering, I am almost pitch perfect and in my defence, I wasn't actually paying attention on the last question.

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It's important to note that although the test has been designed by experienced music educators based on scientific research into tone deafness, it is not a clinical diagnosis. If you fail the test, this is not diagnosis of a cognitive impairment and it is possible you can still develop your ears for music.

Although, we would recommend avoiding belting out the ballads in your bedroom from now on. 


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