This Uber Driver Has A Playlist To Suit Every Type Of Passenger

27 February 2018, 12:13

Uber, Spotify Playlist
Uber, Spotify Playlist. Picture: Oli Scarff / Staff, Twitter

By James Wilson-Taylor

Whether you are a FOB stan or a white guy into rap, this driver has an incredibly specific playlist just for you.

An Uber driver in the US is delighting his customers with one clever extra perk - he will curate a playlist especially for you.

Twitter user @TEEJUS_ revealed online that since he began driving for the company, he has compiled 11 different playlists based around the personalities of his typical customers.

Categories include 'white dudes who look like they like rap', 'basic 20s-30s' and 'quiet people'.

His frighteningly accurate music choices are all available to listen to via his Spotify account and now people are attempting to work out which of the 11 musical personality types they are best suited to:

So, next time you grab a Lyft or an Uber, have your Spotify ready to go and pick the perfect playlist to match your mood.

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