Victoria Monét calls out site for mistaking her for Normani in photo with Ariana Grande

3 April 2019, 12:44 | Updated: 3 April 2019, 12:49

By Sam Prance

The publication used a photo of Ariana with Normani while writing about 'Monopoly'...

Victoria Monét has called out HITs Daily Double for mistaking her and Normani in a photo with Ariana Grande.

On Monday (Apr 1), Victoria and Ariana released 'Monopoly' as a gift to fans. The new duet is a bop in which Victoria and Ari flex about their friendship, sexuality and success. It's an LGBTQ+ banger and it has already topped numerous iTunes charts around the world. We stan.

Naturally, everyone is writing about the song. However, HITs Daily Double have come under fire after mistaking Victoria with Normani and now Victoria has flawlessly dragged them for it.

Victoria Monét and Ariana Grande // Normani on the Sweetener tour
Victoria Monét and Ariana Grande // Normani on the Sweetener tour. Picture: Instagram: @victoriamonet // Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

Yesterday (Apr 2), a fan tweeted a screenshot of HITs Daily Double's glaring error with the caption: "Hey @HITSDD when you post about @ArianaGrande & @VictoriaMonet's “ Monopoly”... maybe post a pic of Ari & Victoria, Not Ari & @Normani ...". It goes without saying that this is publishing 101. Above all else, the actual act of mistaking one black woman for another, is problematic on its own.

Victoria then called out the publication out for their mistake. She tweeted: "It takes very little research to know the difference between two black women." She then added: "Though we love each other dearly, we would appreciate it if you simply knew who we were before posting about us. This is lazy and ignorant and we would love the respect. Thanks and much love to y’all".

The original post and Victoria's response.

Iconic. Although it should be noted that black women shouldn't have to deal with these microagressions in the first place.

As it stands Hits Daily Double are yet to publicly apologise for the mistake. They have removed the original photo though.