This Pop Punk Band Just Got Kicked Off Warped Tour For Shouting Abuse At Female Fans

6 July 2017, 11:28 | Updated: 6 July 2017, 11:41

Warped Tour Abuse
James Wilson-Taylor

By James Wilson-Taylor

A video of The Dickies emerged on Twitter this week and does anyone else have a horrible sense of déja vu here?

UPDATE 06/07/17

Following The Dickies departure from Warped Tour, festival organiser Kevin Lyman released a statement to correct a few inaccuracies:

"I thought it was time to put the facts out since I have watched false information floating around.  A video has been circulating of a confrontation between Leonard from the Dickies and a Fan.

Fact- it was not a Fan, but a member of the touring party.

The member of the touring party was standing next to the PA with a sign protesting some of the things they found offensive about the bands jokes, and props on stage.  During one of the last songs they went towards the barricade and directed the sign at the band.

After a verbal barrage from Leonard, the member of the touring party threw the sign at Leonard, and left the area. I do not condone verbal or physical violence, whatsoever.

The Dickies, last day of the tour was that Sunday, which had always been scheduled.

These are the facts of what took place and this is why I ask anyone who has an issue with anyone else on tour, to come sit under my tent with me and express their views diplomatically. On this years tour we have many people who may not agree with each other, but as humans we should be able to express our points of view in a civil manner.  

If we have any hope to progress as a society, communication will be key in moving forward."

Ok, so a couple of things to take away here.

1) Yes, the person in question wasn't a fan but working on the tour and they threw the sign after they were shouted at on stage.

2) The Dickies weren't kicked off the tour, they just played their final date as scheduled. So there were no repercussions for behaving like a total asshole. Christ.

Furthermore, the members of several other bands have come to the defence of The Dickies, including Jesse Hughes from Eagles Of Death Metal and Noodles from The Offspring and, as a fan of their work, their Instagram statements make for pretty depressing reading.

Huges wrote that "Long live freedom of speech and long live the notion that rock ‘n’ roll is about saying whatever the fuck you want!!!!!! Especially if it’s offensive to people Who are weak cowardly and can’t stand for anyone else to be free !!!!sticks and stones, my friends,sticks and stones!!!" meanwhile Noodles commented "It takes some real guts (or is it idiocy?) to demand a "safe space" where nobody really wants or expects one to be, even though it really is a pretty goddamn safe place to begin with."

Anyone else getting seriously tired of having to explain why calling someone "fat c*nt" on stage and getting audiences to chant "blow me" isn't cool to ageing rockstars? 'Cos we are. Also, it's pretty difficult to make an argument about free speech while simultaneously condemning someone for holding up a protest sign. Just a thought.

If you somehow haven't already lost all faith in the scene, you can read the statements from Hughes and Noodles in full below:


The Dickies forever !!!!the Dickies for all time!!!! long live freedom of speech and long live the notion that rock 'n' roll is about saying whatever the fuck you want!!!!!! Especially if it's offensive to people Who are weak cowardly and can't stand for anyone else to be free !!!!sticks and stones, my friends,sticks and stones!!!....., and PS a safe zone is a place that exists in your home not at the place you voluntarily drive to and walk into and sit in an audience of that exists in a public place..... maybe the people that don't like the Dickies can start a Gofundme for a good old fashioned "offensive" book bonfire!!!! Or maybe the enemies of free speech can start a Gofuckyourselffund campaign !!!I think we could raise money for that!!!! The enemies of free speech must be stopped at all costs!!!! Does anyone remember Lenny Bruce..... if Jim Morrison's obscenity arrest in Florida had taken place today I wonder how many members of the crowd would've cheered for the police.... and I don't know if anyone knows this about rock 'n' roll but it's been sexualized from the get go i.e. the words rock and roll.... or maybe the fact that every fucking rock 'n' roll song is either about butt fucking or having sex with a 16 or 17-year-old. allow me to quote the Beatles "she was just 17"..... or l"Ringo Starr "she 16 she's beautiful and she's mine",.... or how about Willie Dixon "I'm your back door man The men don't know but the little girls they understand". Or Bill Haley and the comets "I'm like a one eyed cat peeping in the seafood store"..,or Beyoncé's "naughty girl"..... and for anyone who is curious as to whether or not Rock'n'Roll has got something to do with penises in general just listen to grace Jones's "pull up to the bumper" or open up the cover to the Steppenwolf album entitled " for ladies only" or listen to basically any of the fucking lyrics to any PJ Harvey song....(but if you talk to your psychiatrist he'll tell you that everything has to do with penises from skyscrapers to the cover of Disney's "little mermaid") what would happen if we tried to remake Fast Times at Ridgemont High today. we could call it "Safe times or else"!! #thedickies

A post shared by Jesse Hughes (@fatherbadass) onJul 1, 2017 at 9:17pm PDT



Who would've thought that, in 2017, The Dickies would become "The Most Dangerous Band In America?" I'd like to congratulate The Dickies on finally achieving this great honor and distinction. Though they've long been one of my favorite bands I never thought of them as dangerous. Sure they play loud and fast but they're also so goddamn melodic and fun. I honestly don't see how anyone could seriously take offense from anything they do or say. Perhaps that just makes this achievement all the more important, so congratulations to The Dickies, and thank you for your years of service to the punk rock cause. I'd also like to thank the passive-aggressive idiot, or idiots, who precipitated this event by protesting a joke, from the side of the slam pit, at a punk rock show. It takes some real guts (or is it idiocy?) to demand a "safe space" where nobody really wants or expects one to be, even though it really is a pretty goddamn safe place to begin with. I am also looking forward to seeing The Dickies tomorrow night with @vandalsofficial , @wellhungheart and @guttermouthofficial because fuck you, kiss my ass, blow me, blow me, blow me, you fat fucking cunts and assholes. Sincerely, Noodles

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UPDATE 29/06/17

So The Dickies have released a statement on their Facebook page about their behaviour on the Warped tour.

Spoiler alert - it's pretty pathetic:

"This is the context: While doing our show a handful of people took it upon themselves to express their ire with my routine--a routine that includes apish antics, a penis puppet, and often ends with me saying, "You're a great looking bunch of kids. We'd love to go down on each and every one of you but we just don't have the time."

Apparently this group thought I meant it literally as they were holding a sign on the side of the stage (which was then thrown at me) that read:

"Our teenage girls don’t need to be subjected to derogatory jokes by a disgusting old man"

"Punk isn’t predatory"

It appears the audience and myself were to be lectured about common decency as well as the very raison d’être of Punk Rock by this woman and her friends during the entire set.

I finally let my anger get the better of me. I let her know what I thought of her ageist, nasty, Leonard-hating behavior. I used very rude language. I understand the word "cunt" is inflammatory and that many women have been abused by this word. I should have called her an "asshole."

It wasn’t my proudest moment ... but neither was the time I urinated on the audience. I wasn’t there to "prey" on anyone’s child. In all honesty, as fine as most of my audiences are, I'll pass on having oral sex with each and every one of them".

Ok, couple of things there...

1) Why did a sign saying 'punk isn't predatory' offend you in the first place? Given the history of this event, you can understand concerned parenting.

2) You say you felt you were being lectured about the 'very raison d'être of Punk Rock'. Remind me when punk rock became anti-women again? Pretty sure it was meant to be anti-establishment rather than just a bunch of old dudes making jokes about going down on the kids in the audience.

3) It's not 'ageist' to object to you shouting sexual things at girls from the stage. If you were 25, we'd still all be pissed off at you.

4) You once urinated on an audience? Ok, that's a whole other conversation but, basically, we're very glad you are no longer on the Warped Tour.

Read the whole statement here.



Another year, another story about a band with very shitty behaviour towards women on the Warped Tour. FFS.

A video broke on Twitter over the weekend (June 26th) of The Dickies lead singer Leonard Graves Phillips hurling a stream of abuse at a female member of the crowd, calling her among other things 'a fat bitch' and a c*nt before instructing the crowd to chant "blow me" over and over.


Can't quite decide what to find more offensive - the utter bile coming out of this idiot's mouth or the fact that there are lots of guys in the crowd cheering him on.

Thankfully, the band have now been dropped from the tour. Organiser Kevin Lyman sent out this tweet confirming their sacking:


Great. Nice job Kev. But we still need to have a wider chat about what the fuck is going on in this scene because, honestly, I'm getting really bored of having to write the same stories time and time again about how pop punk acts are revealing themselves to be misogynistic douchebags.

Over the past ten years on the Warped Tour we have seen countless bands accused of engaging in predatory behaviour both onstage and off towards a very young female audience. You know how the story goes by now and each time the band in question is (usually) sacked and the tour rolls on to the next town. Case closed.

However, the story rarely ends there. Front Porch Step were famously asked to leave the Warped Tour in 2014 after sexual conversations with underage girls emerged on Tumblr but were later invited to play a one-off show at the Nashville date of the tour much to the anger of many fellow artists. Austin Jones, the YouTuber and musician recently arrested on child porn charges, was dismissed from the tour a few years back after fans petitioned organisers accusing him of soliciting twerking videos from fans yet his following grew exponentially in the time that followed as he was allowed to continue his online ascent without questioning. This begs the question - will The Dickies still be getting booked elsewhere after this latest debaucle? Or will the scene at large step up and show that actions like this actually have real world consequences and that, for once, crappy behaviour won't be swept under the carpet?

As a fandom and a community we need to be more vigilant in stopping these guys getting a free pass again once the summer is over and they are off the road. Because the more gigs they get elsewhere, the more the wider scene comes to see this kind of behaviour as normal and we end up having to do this all over again the next year. So musicians, festival organisers, bookers and fellow music writers - please take note of these situations when they arise and remember the names involved. We will all thank you for it later.

In the meantime, Warped bands, let's all have a quick refresher on our guide for pop punk boys about when it's appropriate to get their dick out. You can read it here and you should - you clearly all need it.

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