People Are Desperately Trying To Find Out Who KB Is On Drake's 'In My Feelings’

12 July 2018, 17:45 | Updated: 11 December 2018, 14:33

By Sam Prance

The biggest mystery of the entire year so far...

Drake is all over the news right now. Not only has he been breaking records left right and centre with his US and UK Number 1 album Scorpion but people are also losing it over the fact that he has now confirmed that he has a son. To top it all off, the album is inspiring some major memes. Not to mention, the standout hit 'In My Feelings' has already kicked off it's own viral dance challenge.

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However, the #InMyFeelingsChallenge isn't the only reason why the single is catching so many people's attention. In it, Drake shouts out five women and fans are busy trying to work out who all of them are. One is really easy: "From the block like you Jenny" is obviously a reference to J.Lo who Drake allegedly dated back in 2016. The rest of them are harder to figure out though.

Drake. Picture: Michael Steele/Getty Images

Keke has received the most attention so far because Drake references her in the first chorus of the song: "Keke, do you love me? Are you riding?". It's only natural that people would want to know who she is and fans didn't take long to discover that Keke is the singer Keshia Chanté who was Drake's first proper girlfriend. The two of them dated in their teens in Toronto.

Meanwhile, 'Resha ("'Resha, do you love me?") and J.T. ("J.T., do you love me?") only take a little bit of googling because they literally feature on the song. Both women make up the rising rap duo City Girls and their verse on 'In My Feelings' is sublime. The superstar collaboration comes hot off the heels of their critically acclaimed debut mixtape Period.

This leaves KB and quite frankly it's a complete mystery as to who she is. Genius doesn't know and no-one with the initials KB has ever publicly been linked to Drake so, naturally, Twitter is having a field day.

Some people are tired of Keke getting all of the attention.

We have nothing but respect for Keke but the mystery of KB needs to be answered.

A lot of people with the initials KB are assuming that it's about them.

I mean if we had those initials we would be milking it.

Did we mention that a lot of people were doing this?

No. We're not jealous at all. Stop asking us.

Ultimately none of this is very helpful when it comes to the real issue. So, after some careful research (thinking of celebrities with the initials KB), we've compiled our Top 5 suspects as to who KB could be.

5. Kristen Bell


You never know.

4. Kathy Bates


Nothing but respect for OUR KB.

3. Karamo Brown


We would ship this with all of our hearts.

2. Kate Bush


Heathcliff found rotting.

1. Kevin Bacon


The mystery is solved... well maybe not.

We will update you as soon as we have any concrete evidence as to who KB may actually be.