Why Don't We run completely naked in NSFW video for 'Unbelievable'

20 May 2019, 18:50 | Updated: 20 May 2019, 18:54

Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

Why Don't We take off all their clothes and run completely naked in a desert for the 'Unbelievable' lyric video.

Why Don't We have sent their fans into an absolute meltdown by running completely naked in the lyric video for their new single 'Unbelievable'.

The cheeky video finds the band running through the desert with literally no clothes, with only the lyrics of the song to cover their modesty. You can see pretty much everything. We've fainted three times while writing this article.

Why Don't We naked running in Unbelievable video
Why Don't We naked running in Unbelievable video. Picture: Atlantic Records

Watch the 'Unbelievable' video below, if you can handle it.

The band explained more about the making of their video on social media. Turns out, the idea started out as a joke while on set for the official video.

Jonah tweeted that: "It was an ongoing joke through our Unbelievable music video that after the shoot was done we would all streak through the desert... then we all actually for real did it, and the film crew who was still there filmed it 📷📷 actually so much fun, i’d recommend it to anyone!"

Meanwhile, Corbyn opted for the peach emoji to celebrate the video's release.

According to the band, the video almost wasn't posted online. The band tweeted two days ago (May 18th) that they "weren't allowed" to post the video, although they did not state who was trying to block the video's release.

Thankfully, the video is here and the world is undoubtedly a better place for it. Thank you, Why Don't We.

Why Don't We Naked Music Video
Why Don't We Naked Music Video. Picture: Atlantic Records