This Woman Just Got Thrown Out Of A Concert For The Most Ridiculous Reason

21 November 2017, 12:22 | Updated: 21 November 2017, 12:26

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Getty Images. Picture: Alen Popov

By James Wilson-Taylor

Normally, if someone is escorted out of a venue during a gig, it's because they are violent, drunk or just generally behaving like a bit of a prick.

But, what you don't expect is to be kicked to the curb for having a dance to the music, yet that's exactly what happened to a woman in Australia this week. And she ain't happy about it.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Jo-Ann George was removed from her $204 seat at a recent Stevie Nicks show in Melbourne after being asked to stop dancing by security.

Jo-Ann spoke to the paper about her odd experience:

"The security came up about three times and told me to sit down. The next minute three of them had me and were dragging me along the floor of the aisle. They threw me out of the stadium. I've paid for a ticket, I want to dance. I'm only 5'5, it's not like I'm 6'7 or anything. All I wanted to do was dance."

We get it Jo - all we want to do is dance too.

Melbourne & Olympic Parks, who manage the arena where the concert took place, responded to Mashable with a comment, claiming that while dancing is all good, you need to do it in the area you paid to be in:

"We can confirm a patron was ejected from the Stevie Nicks concert at Rod Laver Arena for leaving their allocated seat and causing disruption to other patrons. The individual was asked to return to their seat a number of times, and after failing to cooperate was ejected in accordance with our Conditions of Entry. It is important to us that fans are able to enjoy themselves at our venues, however this should not be to the detriment of others."

It may sound odd, but it is kind of a standard venue rule - you can't have people dancing in the aisles if it's in an area they haven't paid to be in (or if they are blocking a fire exit but that's a whole other health and safety talk). But throwing someone out over it? Seems pretty extreme to us.

What do you guys think? Is this all fair enough? Or did Jo-Ann get a raw deal? Tell us your thoughts over in the Facebook comments.