Buzzing Music: 18 Songs You Need To Listen To In July

30 June 2016, 16:25 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Twenty One Pilots
Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

TØP, Troye Sivan, Alessia Cara and more...

How the f*ck is it the end of June already? Where did all the time go? It feels like it was only last week that we were burning all of our ex's possessions for vital warmth to get through the winter.

June was a scary month. A lot of sh*t went down that we'd rather forget about. Thankfully there was a lot of good music to help us get through it. Music has healing powers ya'll! Or, at the very least, it's a good distraction.

So without any further ado, here's the best new music from the past month. Feel free to shout us with suggestions of anything we might have missed!


1. Alex Lahey - 'Let's Out Go'

Are we lazy for making a Courtney Barnett comparison here? Perhaps. Both are ladies from Australian who have a slacker-esque quality to their music. But that's no bad thing in our book. This song has been getting a lot of airplay in Alex's homeland so she's definitely one to keep an eye on for the rest of 2016. 
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2. Beck - 'Wow'

Is Beck trying to be a 'cool dad' or is he just cool? That's the debate lots of very bored people are having because of 'Wow', his big comeback single since his 2014 Grammy Award winning album 'Morning Phase'. Frankly speaking, we don't care. This song is BIG and we'll be playing it at every summer BBQ we get invited to until we stop getting invited to summer BBQs. 
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3. Betty Who - 'I Love You Always Forever'

Betty Who gained a bit of buzz a few years back when one of her songs was used on a marriage proposal video that went viral. Last year her profile was boosted significantly after she worked with Troye Sivan on his wildly successful 'Blue Neighbourhood' album. Her cover of 90s classic 'I Love You Always Forever' is just a tease before she unleashes her second solo album later in the year. We're literally dripping with excitement. 
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4. Blood Orange - 'Augustine'

It's been three long years since Blood Orange's breakthrough album 'Cupid Deluxe'. The British producer has worked with a slew of great artists (FKA Twigs, Solange, Carly Rae Jepsen) in recent years and he returned last week with his highly anticipated new album 'Freetown Sound'.


5. Chvrches - 'Bury It' feat. Hayley Williams

You can only imagine the screaming and dancing that went on at PB HQ when we first listened to this dreamy collaboration. It's no secret that we're massive fans of Chvrches and Paramore but here's the really good bit: it's actually f*cking banging! Hayley's voice suits this electro-pop banger perfectly. Collab of the year? Probably.
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6. Death Team - 'Jump'

Death Team are a Swedish duo who make the kind of demented pop music that the world desperately needs right now. Take Babylon Zoo's 90s classic 'Spaceman' and add Petite Meller's 'Baby Love' and you end up with this ravey-pop banger. Pure genius.

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7. E^ST - 'Get Money!' feat Mallrat

Fresh from supporting Twenty One Pilots on the Australian leg of their world tour, Australian artist E^ST has been blowing up the PopBuzz office speakers with this summery jam. The Get Money! EP is out tomorrow and off the back of this song we're expecting big things from E^ST.


8. Ezra Furman - 'Teddy I'm Ready'

We fell head over heels for Ezra Furman's 'Perpetual Motion People' last year. So much so, it made our top 20 albums of the year! Ezra returns this summer with a new EP, 'Big Fugitive Life', to unleash more rock'n'roll goodness into the world. "Teddy I'm Ready" is the first track to be previewed and it's every bit as beautiful as we could have hoped. The world can't be that bad with new music from Ezra Furman in it.


9. GIRLI - 'Too Much Fun'

Tumblr princess GIRLI has been a regular in this column but we think this is her strongest release to date. Displaying a more vulnerable side to what we've previously seen, GIRLI confesses over a glitchy beat that "in my dream you take me to the side / in my dream you say you've got feelings you can't hide". Is this really the same person who released 'So You Think You Can Fuck With Me Do Ya'?


10. Glass Animals - 'Life Itself'

We don't confess to know much about Glass Animals' back catalogue. Hailing from Oxford, UK, they've already got one album under their belt, which was released on Adele-producer, Paul Epworth's label. The band will return later this year with their second album 'How to Be a Human Being' and this track is a little like Britney Spears' 'Slave 4 U' mixed with Radiohead. And if that doesn't intrigue you, then we don't know what will.


11. LANY - 'yea, babe, no way' 

'Where The Hell Are My Friends' was one of the most buzzed about tracks during early 2016 (reaching No1 on the Hypem chart). California indie trio LANY have delivered on that hype with their new 'kinda' EP. They supported Ellie Goulding on her recent UK tour and we'd expect LANY to start working on a killer album to hit shelves next year.
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12. Montaigne - 'Because I Love You'

The fourth out of five Australians on this list (what is going on over there at the moment?), Montaigne is arguably one of their most distinctive voices too.  This punchy, piano-led number is given a bit of extra bite thanks to some truly bizarre lyrics. "I ate a salad today / I ate one yesterday too / You told me I was precious / Now I think / That I am too". Mad? Yes. Genius? Possibly. 


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13. Metronomy - 'Back Together'

Metronomy seem to be one of those bands people either love or hate. Their comeback single "Back Together" is no different. There is more than a whiff of Talking Heads to this funky number and we particularly love the bizarre call-and-response section during the second verse. This is one of the more odd but ultimately rewarding songs on the list. 
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14. Phantogram - 'You Don't Get Me High Anymore'

Phantogram are one of those bands that seem to just exist without having any actual fans. After three albums, we're yet to meet anyone that actually likes them. Perhaps this will change after "You Don't Get Me High Anymore" which is a fully licensed banger. Fans of Chvrches, Poliça and Halsey might want to jump on this one. 
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15. RABBII - 'New Friends'

The chorus on this track is so euphoric it should probably come with a warning. Written by Swedish duo RABBII, 'New Friends' has an emotional intensity that is noticeably absent from a lot of alt/pop music out there. Fans of Crystal Castles, Robyn or The Knife will probably love this.


16. Ritual - 'Cinnamon' 

We're loving this sensual, woozy slow-jam from London trio Ritual. They've only released two EPs so far and they've already been compared to The Weeknd, FKA Twigs and BANKS. Not a bad start to things, eh? 


17. Troye Sivan - 'Wild' feat. Alessia Cara

Troye Sivan and Alessia Cara on the same track. Need I say anymore? *dies*
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18. Twenty One Pilots - 'Heathens'

Take one of the most exciting bands to emerge in recent years and add them to one of the most hotly anticipated soundtracks ever and you'll get this: Twenty One Pilots - 'Heathens', taken from the Suicide Squad soundtrack. Some fans are already saying this is their best song yet and we're half inclined to agreed with them tbh. We haven't had this song out of our head since we first heard it!

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