Buzzing: Songs You NEED To Hear This Week #14

5 October 2015, 18:11 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

the neighbourhood
Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

Fresher than a Febreze factory.

Congratulations! You've survived the rollercoaster of life for another week. Your prize? The best music we could find from the last 7 days! Not bad, eh?

Mondays are tough, we know, and that's why we head out every week into the internet hinterland to find the hottest tracks to help you get through it. So chill out, put your slippers on, make a cuppa tea (or gin and tonic) and let this beautiful music flood into your ears. 

The Neighbourhood//"The Beach"

Raise your hand if you're ready to be swept away into a sea of emotion by The Neighbourhood? Oh, just me. Cool. I am completely prepared for The Neighbourhood to smother me with lyrics about adolescence and sex (sorry mom). Their latest, "The Beach" (has anyone else noticed an uptick in beach related bangers? More on that later.), will appear on band’s second LP, Wiped Out! The genre-less five piece is well on their way to cornering the market on romantic small bops and "The Beach" is no exception. I hope Wiped Out slays me literally to death. NI

Elliphant//"Club Now Skunk ft. Big Freedia"

Elliphant's "One More", a collaboration with MØ (of "Lean On" fame) last year was a low key banger, so I was pretty hyped for new music from the Swedish singer. Then she announced she was teaming up with bounce queen Big Freedia and I officially lost my sh*t (if you haven't heard "Azz Everywhere", you haven't lived). "Club Now Skunk" is like a Missy Elliot track for modern times, an unrelenting club-smash with big bass and shouty lyrics about getting f*cked up - my favourite lyrical theme. The only annoying thing about this track is that it makes Friday night seem like a looooong way away. WW

Miley Cyrus//"Hands of Love"

Miley is the unofficial cheerleader for LBGT issues in America so it makes sense that her personal beliefs would finally seep their way into her music. "Hands of love" is about the struggle for equality, and with lines like "In the hands of love, we carry on, stronger than we started", it's certainly playing with our heartstrings.

The song features on the soundtrack to Freeheld, a movie which tells the true story of a New Jersey police officer, played by Julianne Moore, with terminal cancer fighting a legal battle to secure pension benefits for her domestic partner, played by Ellen Page. With a song like this behind it, we can expect the movie to be a complete cry-fest. WW

The Vamps // “Wake Up”

We were a bit cautious of The Vamps before we heard their latest single “Wake Up”. Their last album sat slightly on the ‘light’ side for us, and at times the material felt a bit lost and confused about what it wanted to be.

It seems, however, that the band have had a good sit down and think about their direction because “Wake Up”, the first single from their second album of the same title, is larger, shinier and actually kinda great. It’s got a Tedder-esque stadium sized chorus, harder production and singer Bradley’s vocals seem more self-assured and grown up.

The accompanying video is also pretty special and features a cameo from everyone’s favourite celeb offspring Brooklyn Beckham, as well as some rather fab aerial shots that give us crazy city envy. Just look at those views! 

We’re still approaching this with caution, but it’s looking likely that we’ll have to eat our words about The Vamps. -AK

Kill J // “You’re Good But I’m Better”

We love Scandi-pop, but then who doesn’t? We love it even more, however, when Scandi-pop is experimental, different and pushes the boundaries and that’s exactly what Kill J’s new song “You’re Good But I’m Better” does. The minimal clicks matched with R&B vocals are sublime, while the electronics and synths plod and pop all around. There’s a theatricality to the whole thing that’s giving us proper Melanie Martinez teas in the best way possible; totally unique and totally brilliant. -AK

MIAMIGO// “What I Want”

Ok, we’ll admit this right now - we pretty much got cottoned on to MIAMIGO because they’re cute guys in a bad. Call us shallow, but we’re only human, right? Yet after seeing the band live and totally immersing ourselves in their music we’ve realised that this is sublime 80s inspired indie-pop of the highest order. The band’s latest track “What I Want” is no different. Yes the retro video feels a bit ham-fisted at times, but we kinda get the whole aesthetic. Also, the tune is SO catchy and bouncy that it’s hard not to hit replay. We’re keeping a keen eye on this lot (and not just because they’re cuties). -AK

Petite Meller// “Barbaric” Vevo dscvr (Live)

Petite Meller’s “Baby Love” is still one of the best songs of the year. We love the joyousness of it; it’s truly euphoric. And, while it may not have done that well in the charts it seems the Petite isn’t bothered and is soldiering on. Her late single “Barbaric” is essentially “Baby Love” pt 2, but that’s ok because it’s a winning formulae. The horns are back, the strange almost deranged vocals are ever present and the it’s still bonkers and that’s wha makes it work.

This performance, recorded for the VEVO dscvr sessions is also completely wild, with Petite prancing around an empty church before eventually stripping off into what looks like two bits red cloth covering her nipples and, well, the rest is all out too. It’s crazy and everything we love about Petite Meller. - AK

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