13 Spooky Songs To Play At Your Halloween Party

26 September 2016, 15:10 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Troye Sivan, Tyler Jospeh, Gerard Way
Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

My name's SPOOKYFACE and I care what you think.

Halloween is just around the corner. And, quite frankly, we're fucking hyped for it.


As well as watching our favourite scary films and dressing up like zombie versions of our own mothers, our FAVOURITE thing about Halloween are the parties. That means you need a playlist.  

We know how hard it can be to make a Halloween playlist. Unless you wanna bump MJ's 'Thriller' all night long (which is a perfectly reasonable thing to do fyi) you might find yourself falling short on a few spooky bangers. But don't panic, we've done all the hard work for you. All you got to do is stick these on your Spotify list and send us the invite, yeah?


1. Troye Sivan - 'Bite'

Just imagine Troye glamorizing you from across the room and then biting into your flesh. Wouldn't that be so...dreamy? This is one for all the vampires in the room. Fangs out, vamps.


2. Twenty One Pilots - 'Heathens' 

There will be at least 6 girls dressed as Harley Quinn at your party. It's gonna be this way for the next five years so you might as well indulge the skeleton clique side and stick this on early. 


3. Halsey - 'Ghost'

Ummm the song has the title 'Ghost' in it and it's performed by Halsey, what else do you want me to say?


4. CHVRCHES - 'Bury It' feat. Hayley Williams

While this song is playing, you'll ideally have a make-shift sandbox that you've turned into a graveyard. Bury a mannequin in the sand and get your friends to dig it up. Or not. Whatever. Just thinking out loud here, folks.


5. Panic! At The Disco - 'Emperor's New Clothes'

There are actually plenty of Panic! spooky bangers out there. Most of the first album has a dark undercurrent to it (those 'Camisado' lyrics get me every time) but 'Emperor's New Clothes' from Death of a Bachelor is that little bit more demonic. Bonus points to anyone who does the full devil makeup on Halloween.


6. My Chemical Romance - 'Helena'

Where to even begin with this? The dead Helena jumping out of the coffin, the dance routines inside the church and Gerard's half-dead makeup look - this video is everything. It's also just an amazing song. You wanna blast this at the party's peak. 


7. Crystal Castles - 'Plague'

This song literally sounds like the world is going to end - it's so euphoric and dark. You might wanna put your valuables away because people are going to lose their shit to this.  


8. Bastille - 'Of The Night'

If you don't like mashups of 90s dance tracks then, I'm sorry, we can't be friends. But if you do, then play this and invite me to your party. I always bring a spare 6-pack. 


9. The Neighbourhood - 'R.I.P. 2 MY YOUTH'

RIP to your health thanks to that hangover you'll have the next morning.


10. Florence + The Machine - 'Howl'

Florence Welch is a majestic witch send from hell to bless us with haunting halloween bops and we're very lucky Satan would allow us have her on Earth for a little while. 


11. Banks - 'Gemini Feed'

Banks is also a majestic witch and 'Gemini Feed' from her new album Alter (out 30/09) is a bewitching banger to end all bewitching bangers.


12. Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, Logic & Ty Dolla Sign - 'Sucker For Pain' ft. Imagine Dragons and X Ambassadors.

Because you know all those Suicide Squad stans won't allow you to only play 'Heathens'.


13. Blink 182 - 'I Miss You'

Like cheesy school discos when you were younger, you've got to end your party on a ballad and, let's face it, a Blink 182 ballad that references Nightmare Before Christmas is really the only here, isn't it?