Buzzing Music: 17 New Songs You Need To Stream In June

1 June 2016, 16:27 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Buzzing June
Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

All the best new music in one place.

Last month was an incredible month for new music. We were practically drowning in amazing albums from the likes of Ariana Grande, James Blake, ANOHNI, Kaytranada, Skepta, Radiohead - the list goes on! Truly, we aren't worthy.

There were some pretty big singles and EPs too. And hey, guess what? We've put them in a list for you. You can find many of these songs on the PopBuzz audio stream. Just hit the listen button in the top right on desktop or listen in the PopBuzz app! Saddle up bitches...


1) Abbe May - "Are We Flirting?"

Take the bassline from Eminem's "Hi My Name Is" and mix it with Prince-style vocal teasing and you get this. Australian pop singer Abbe May will be a new name to many but we think this song will help bolster her profile beyond her homeland.


2) Annebel Jones - "Happy"

We've spoken about our love for Annebel Jones before and this latest single from the Libelle EP is our favourite so far. We particularly love how the chorus goes in a complete opposite direction to where you think it will. It's one of the many reasons why Annebel Jones is one of the most exciting pop stars to emerge in 2016.
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3) Ariana Grande - "Into You"

In terms of ubiquitous pop singles from the world's biggest artists in 2016, first we had Rihanna's "Work", then there was Drake's "One Dance" and now there is Ariana's "Into You". It's a cold stone banger. If this doesn't climb to number 1 then the whole world can burn in hell tbh.
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4) Bat For Lashes - "Sunday Love"

Natasha Khan has been responsible for this century's most alluring and intriguing alt pop moments as Bat For Lashes ("Daniel" is still a regular in the PopBuzz office) and we're so happy to see her return in typically majestic style for album number 4.


5) Chip - "Can't Run Out Of Bars"

Once upon a time there was a UK rapper called Chipmunk and his music was pretty awful. Since then he's grown up a little bit, dropped the 'munk' and now he's releasing pretty amazing grime tracks like this. Good news all round.


6) Flume feat. Beck - "Tiny Cities" 

Every time we think we're done with Flume, he manages to salvage his rep by hooking up with one of our faves and releasing something stunning. This is the closing track on his latest album, Skin, which was released last week and we think it's really beautiful. Shame the rest of the album isn't more like this but still, we'll take what we're giving.


7) Jorja Smith - "Where Did I Go?"

We fell head over heels for 18-year-old Jorja Smith when she dropped "Blue Lights" back in January. The follow up from the UK RnB singer proves she's no one hit wonder. We're so excited for the full album we'll probably piss ourselves by the end of the month and every month after until it drops.


8) MIAMIGO - "Fever"

This is the kinda song you can play on a scenic drive by the coast AND when ya wanna get low in a dutty strip bar. We're calling it a soft-slut-pop banger. This Brighton duo are definitely on to to a winning formula. Some of you might have caught them supporting PopBuzz faves Transviolet on their latest UK tour.


9) MØ - "Final Song" 

Is this song as good as "Lean On"? No. Is it a very good pop song? Yes. 
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10) Modern Baseball - "Mass"

This song is 1 minute and 45 seconds long, therefore making the shortest song to ever make it into buzzing. What it lacks in length, it more than makes up for in emotional depth and lingering nostalgia. The Philadelphia rockers released their third album Holy Ghost to rave reviews in May and we expect to see a lot more of them this summer.
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11) Mykki Blanco - "High School Never Ends"

It only feels like yesterday when we were getting wavvy to Mykki Blanco's unique, avant-garde approach to hip-hop. It's taken a few years but now Mykki is getting ready to release his first album, Mykki, and the lead single finds him in a contemplative mood. It's a radical shift in style and tone from his earlier works so we are dying to see how the rest of the album turns out. 


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12) Nao - "Girlfriend"

There is a lot of average female, electro-pop out there but Nao floats above them all. Her voices really shines through on "Girlfriend". It's small yet so distinctive, and coupled with that bombastic production on the chorus...urgh! Perfection! This live version is particularly amazing.
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13) Palmistry - "Lifted"

Palmistry is the moniker of Londoner Benjy Keating, who specialises in making dancehall pop that will have you up in your feels on the dance floor. Like, have you ever tried to do the butterfly while hysterically sobbing? Try it to this song. Hours of fun, mate.

14) PARTYBABY - "I Don't Wanna Wait"

We caught PARTYBABY play last week in the back of a North London pub and even though there were only about 30 people in the room, they played the show like their lives depended on it. Power-pop hasn't sounded this good in years. 


15) Sampha - "Timmy's Prayer"

Before we waited for Frank Ocean's album, we waited for Sampha's album. And while we're still waiting for Frank to come out of his cave, we can at least celebrate Sampha's return. We love his voice so much he could sing the ingredients on the back of a crisp packet and we'd still think it was a beautiful love song. Let's hope a new album is finally on it's way...


16) SIBA - "Pomegranate"

Now for something fruity and Danish. Copenhagen producer SIBA impressed a lot of people with his Fruits EP (actually released in March but we've only just caught up - don't @ me) Chock full of wonky, weird rave-pop songs, "Pomegranate" is the tastiest of them all.


17) Skepta - "Text Me Back"

It took us a little time to fully appreciate grime superstar Skepta's latest album, Konnichiwa, and it was this song that really swayed us to give it more listens. Skepta addresses the "girl of his dreams" on this touching, honest track about the pressures of being an ambitious MC touring the world. Skepta, why are you trying to make us feel all emotional, man?