Buzzing Music: 21 New Songs You Need To Stream In May

27 April 2016, 14:42 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

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Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

All the hottest new music in one handy playlist

Do you like new music? Do you like playlists? Do you like new music playlists? WELL YOU'RE IN LUCK MATE.

Yep, we've got all those fire tracks to get you through May. Make sure you check out our audio stream (in the top right corner on desktop or in our app) as many of these songs are featured on there too. Also, head over to our Twitter where we'll be sharing new music daily. Aren't we good to you? Okay, let's get to it *strike a pose* there's nothing to it...


AlunaGeorge - "I Remember"

I was already excited for AlunaGeorge's return after they dropped "I'm In Control". This latest single is probably one the finest downtempo R&B-pop bops we'll hear all year. Bring on that new album already... 


Annabel Jones - "IOU" 

You know that feeling when you hear a song for the first time and it literally slaps you across the face? Yeah, well "IOU" is one of those songs. It's a straight up pop banger. Tuck in, bbz.
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Black Coffee - "Come With Me"

It's hard to pin down the sound of Black Coffee. Is it house? Soul? Afrobeat? It's probably somewhere is the middle of all these but Black Coffee is definitely in a league of his own. South African producer Nkosinathi Maphumulo is something of a star in his home country and his new album, Pieces of Me, could be the moment he breaks on to the world stage. Let's hope so!
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Beyonce - "Sorry"

"Better call Becky with the good hair". Need I say more? SLAY BEYONCÉ! SLAY B*TCH! Ya'll better sign up for Tidal for the lemonade if you're thirsty, hun.


Bonzai - "Where Are U Now"

Look, we all need a pop-house stomper to get turnt to in the club. This is it. Bonzai is one the London's (via Dublin) brightest vocal talents, following a show-stealing guest spot on Mura Masa's soon-to-be summer anthem "What If I Go?" This is arguable better, and the Sleepy Hungry EP is an essential listen for any pop fan this month.
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Donna Missal - "Sick"

NYC resident Donna Missal sounds like she's probably cool af. Like, we wanna hang out with her and flood our Insta with selfies together. "Sick" reminds us of a lot of 90s trip-hop stuff with a modern R&B bent, so obvs she has great taste in music too. If you're reading this Donna, please be my friend.


Drake - "One Dance"

WHAT IS IT ABOUT THIS SONG THAT MAKES IT SO ADDICTIVE? My theory is that, like "Hotline Bling" or "Work", it doesn't really have a 'peak', so you never reach that musical climax, so you just want more and more and more of it. Hot damn. I'm sweating just thinking about it. 
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Girl Friend - "Nocturnal"

This feels like it would have fitted perfectly on the Drive soundtrack. It's got that propellent, neon sheen that Chromatics or Kavinsky did so well. If you're craving more, the Manchester duo released a very good EP last year called Weekend Soulmate that is worth your time and (maybe) your heart.


Girli - "Girls Get Angry Too"

We are really into Girli's ~vibe~ at the moment. Unapologetic, pissed off and ready for a fight is how we'd describe it (we hear she's very nice IRL tho). Bringing some grime flavours into her unique brand of pop, "Girls Get Angry Too" is your next 'don't fuck with me' anthem.


Gordi - "Can We Work It Out"

There is tons of good music coming out of Australia at the moment (hello Troye, Chase Atlantic, Tame Impala!) Gordi is no exception. Sophie Payten's folk influences really shine through on this blissed-out folky-pop number. If you've been spinning AURORA's latest single then this one is definitely for you.


Jodie Abacus - "She’s In Love With The Weekend"

Jodie Abacus has been described as a "funk futurist". I don't know what that means exactly but I'm into it. This song is INSANELY catchy. We think Prince would approve of this one. Apparently it was written about a party girl who doesn't have an 'off-switch'. Very relatable tbh.


Kaytranada - "GLOWED UP" feat. Anderson .Paak

Are there any songs in existence that Anderson .Paak hasn't feature on this month? The guy is like the village bike of features. This is one of his best. Kaytranada is one of hip-hops most exciting producers and his forthcoming solo album should be one of 2016's highlights. Fans of his previous production of The Internet's Ego Death should jump on this. 


Michete - "Thick Boys"

Shamir, a beacon of good taste, described Michete as "a gift from the ratchet gods" and we couldn't agree more. Transfeminine rapper Michete is an explosive ball of energy, her raps packed with acidic rhymes and crude jokes. The ultimate joke is on you though when you've played "Thick Boys" none stop for two weeks. 


Mitski - "Your Best American Girl"

There is euphoria to be found in sadness. This is epitomised in this grungy epic by Mitski. The Brookynite's new album Puberty 2 is due in June and I'm beyond excited about it. The video is pretty special too.  


Nite Jewel - "Boo Hoo"

Staying in Brooklyn for a hot minute, we need to talk about "Boo Hoo" by Nite Jewel. Criminally underrated, Nite Jewel has been writing all your favourite pop songs you haven't heard yet for years. This might just be her best yet.


Noonie Bao - "Reminds Me"

This track has got more melodrama than an episode of House of Cards. It also has one of the most visually striking videos you'll see all year. Swedish songwriter Jonnali Parmenius is taking Scandi-pop and giving it a shot of Kate Bush with dazzling results. 


Romes - "Tryna Be"

There is so much mediocre synth-pop out there right now, it can be hard to find the good stuff. But look no further than Romes. The Canadian synth band are tearing the pop world a new one with this track. With just a few finely-tuned ingredients, they've made an epic sounding track sound effortless. Very promising indeed! FAO: St Lucia, The 1975, Tegan and Sara.


Skepta - "Man"

It's the questions on everyone's lips (well everyone in the UK, at least): will grime go mainstream in 2016? Skepta is the UK's most globally recognisable star, in part thanks to endorsement from the likes of Drake and Kanye. His comeback single "Man" set the blogging world alight but will it be enough for chart domination? Does he even want that? Let's see...


Tegan and Sara - "U Turn"

No, this isn't a pop song about Margaret Thatcher's infamous 1980 Conservative Party Conference speech in Brighton. It is, however, an 80s-inspired pop masterclass from Taylor Swift's faves, the Quin sisters. Thank god they're back. I missed you bbz!


Terror Jr - "3 Strikes"

Terror is an appropriate word for this song. Not because people didn't like it - over a million streams on Soundcloud within a week would suggest people LOVED this bleepy electro-pop track. People were recoiling at the thought of a Kylie Jenner solo career when she was miming along to it in an advert for her lip gloss. Don't panic, it's not her voice. Phew! FAO Kiiara, Uffie, Kesha.


Yumi Zouma - "Keep It Close To Me"

Last but not least, we're finishing with a melancholic bop from Yumi Zouma. This is one of those songs that are ideal for long walks on a sunny day, probably on a beach or a park, maybe with a special someone in tow. Or just, you know, crying at home by yourself. Your call.