17 Songs You Need In Your Life In September

31 August 2016, 17:36 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Hayley Kiyoko, Halsey
Woodrow Whyte

By Woodrow Whyte

Better than all your birthdays combined tbh.

You'd be forgiven for thinking there were no artists left to release new music in 2016. Pretty much everyone has come out with bangers and albums already and we haven't even got to Q4 yet! Well, thankfully, there were still some people left around to finish off the summer in style. 

Listen to our favourite tracks from August below and make sure you check out PopBuzz Radio for EVEN MORE new music. Honestly, we spoil you...


1. Banks - 'Gemini Feed'

So we wrote about 'Fuck With Myself' last month and we were already getting moist but this track has us SHOOK. Banks is the queen of dark pop. No doubt.


2. Britney Spears - 'Love Me Down'

Britney is back making some of the best music of her career. This is the stand out track from her new album Glory (if you say it's 'Private Show' we will literally slap you).


3. Carly Rae Jepsen - 'Body Language'

Queen of being a meme, Carly Rae Jepsen, has returned with a collection of B-sides from her critically acclaimed album E-MO-TION (which also took PopBuzz's Album of the Year 2015 award). Naturally, we loved all the tracks and so threw it out for a vote on Twitter and this came back as favourite. So if this isn't your fave and you didn't vote then it's all your own fault quite frankly.


4. The Chainsmokers feat. Halsey - 'Closer'

We're still sweating after that performance at the MTV VMAs last weekend. The track won 'Song of the Summer' and we're inclined to agree tbh. 
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5. courtship. - 'Stop For Nothing'

LA duo Eli Hirsch and Micah Gordon met while performing in Bloodboy, who we gushed over in last month's buzzing. They're going it alone with this new project and it's pure sunshine V I B E S. Think MGMT on less acid.


6. Dua Lipa - 'Blow Your Mind (Mwah)'

If you don't know how much we love Dua Lipa by now, then you need to head over to our podcast right now and listen to us fawn over the lady herself when she popped into our studio. This is the latest dark-pop masterpiece to be taken from the singer's forthcoming self-titled debut album coming Feb 2017.


7. Florence + The Machine - 'Too Much Is Never Enough'

Ngl sometimes we just wish Florence would chill out on the hurricane vocals (give yourself a rest bbz!) But this Kate Bush-inspired ballad, taken from the Final Fantasy soundtrack, is gorgeous from start to finish. More like this on the next album please, Flozzy!


8. Frank Ocean - 'Solo'

Honestly we were so pissed about this whole album release (mostly the Apple Exclusive) that we're were kinda over Blonde before we even listened to it. 'Solo' has managed to calm us down... somewhat.


9. Hayley Kiyoko - 'Gravel To Tempo'

So we might have totally fangirled over Hayley when this song came out and judging by the response to that post, we'd guess you guys are too. Also, anyone else think this is the best song of Hayley's career so far? 
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10. Hey Violet - 'Brand New Moves'

If you think you've heard Hey Violet's name before, that's because the LA pop-punkers were the first signees to 5SOS's Hi Or Hey Records. 'Brand New Moves' is actually a good accompaniment to 5SOS's funk-rock 'Girls Talk Boys' and the EP of the same name is equally dope. Promising stuff!


11. K.Flay - 'Blood In The Cut'

Now for something a little rougher. "The boy I love's got another girl, he might be fucking her right now" spits Californian artist K.Flay on this tense, grunge-y pop number. She's signed to Dan Reynolds (Imagine Dragons) label Night Street and is poised to make a big impression in 2017.


12. PARRI$ - 'Nasty'

Parris Goebel has already made a name for herself in the dance world, having choreographed for Rihanna, Janet Jackson and directed Justin Bieber's 'Sorry' video. Now the 24-year-old is crossing over into music with this blistering track that burns the bridges between hip-hop and pop. Perhaps predictably, the video is pure fiyah. 


13. Raye - 'I, U, Us'

Charli XCX is such a big fan of Raye that's she offered to direct the video for this synthy banger from 18-year-old London RnB starlet Raye. She got tongues wagging after writing, recording and co-producing her first EP and since then she signed to Polydor for the follow up 'Second', released in August. (Special shout out to former Buzzing artist Noonie Bao who co-wrote this track too!)


14. Sharon Van Etten - 'Not Myself'

Since the barbaric, homophobic attacks on a LatinX club night at the Pulse Nightclub in Florida, there have been a number of songs in memory of the victims. This is by a country mile the most poignant and beautiful. All the profits from sales go towards a gun control advocacy group.  


15. Tayla - 'Call Me Danger'

According to 18-year-old Tayla, this song is about "feeling 100% confident and not giving a flying fuck about what anyone else thinks". It's got a disco/house-ballroom vibe that begs to be slut dropped on. Seriously, I'm doing them repeatedly as I type this sentence. 


16. Tove Lo - 'Cool Girl'

DOES ANYONE KNOW HOW THE HELL YOU'RE SUPPOSE TO SAY TOVE LO YET? If you do, please get in touch. We'll be grinding our way round London to this summer bop in the meantime.
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17. Warpaint - 'New Song'

Of all the truly shocking things to happen in 2016, we did not expect this: a Warpaint songs you can actually dance to? Fucking hell. What next? Beyoncé goes country? Oh, wait...