10 Blatantly Obvious Songs To Send To A Crush

3 November 2015, 14:40 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09

Tru Love Tho

By Victoria Pavlova

Subtlety? What's that?

Sometimes you're majorly crushing on someone, but you don't know how to let them know. Don't worry boo, we got you covered. 

There's no way they'll miss the hint with this mixtape.

1. One to really give them the... um... the feels.

2. Because life with you would be just so sweet.

3. If you know what I mean *wink* *nudge*.

4. You'd really like to get to *ahem* know them better.

5. You just want them to know you're thinking about them. 

6. Lawd have mercy!

7. But you don't mind taking things slow...

8. Also, you want them to know you're an animal lover, right? 

9. #bemyBAElentine.

10. And just to drive the point home.