This Playlist Will Restore Your Sass After A Terrible Tinder Date

6 November 2015, 17:36 | Updated: 8 May 2017, 17:09


By Victoria Pavlova

Let's get tinderised.

It's just 10pm, but you've already texted all your friends, bought a takeaway on the way home and deleted their number. You my friend have had a Tindersaster. 

That's just how life goes if you're single in 2015. Put on our recovery playlist and Netflix and chill yourself. 

Thanks for those two hours you'll never get back. 

How it felt when they told you about the totally original app/novel/EP they're working on.

By the end of it, you were already like...

Feelin this one again.

Also this one.

It just wasn't your Tinderella this time.

Oh well, plenty more where that one came from.

Oh hello wine, fancy seeing you here.

If they can't handle the sass, they can't handle the a**.

You just keep being your bad b***h self.

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