Poppy Is Collaborating With Grimes And People Aren't Happy About It

3 May 2018, 13:00 | Updated: 3 May 2018, 13:12

Poppy and Grimes
Poppy and Grimes. Picture: Instagram

By Marianne Eloise

Poppy is in the middle of a lawsuit

Grimes, who apparently has two upcoming albums and recently released a song called "Pynk" with Janelle Monáe, teased a potential new collaboration today.

She posted a picture with internet sensation Poppy with the caption "soon", and followed it up with another photo of the two together. Poppy also posted photos on her social media. While the pair might make sense together – they're both young, "weird" artists who people struggle to get their head around – not everyone is excited for a potential collab.

soon........ ?

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Poppy, the mysterious internet persona played by Moriah Pereira, was most recently in the news for being involved in a complicated lawsuit.

Mars Argo, who once played a character similar to That Poppy, is suing Titanic Sinclair (who works with Poppy) and Poppy for “severe emotional and psychological abuse” at the hands of Sinclair. She is seeking a domestic violence restraining order against Sinclair. She has also accused him and Pereira of stealing her “look, persona and character”.

Which is why some fans aren’t happy about a potential collaboration with singer Grimes.

So are you here for the Grimes/Poppy collab?