QUIZ: How basic is your music taste?

29 January 2021, 17:26

How basic is your music taste?
How basic is your music taste? Picture: Republic Records, Fueled by Ramen
Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Because there's a little bit of basicness in us all.

Your taste in music says more about you than you think. It can tell us when you're going to fall in love, how cool you are, or how basic you are. Sure, you might think your playlists are cool and edgy, but what if they're not and you're really just basic? Now there's absolutely nothing wrong with being basic, of course, but aren't you just dying to know where you fall on the 0 to basic?

Well, let us help you. Take this quiz and reveal just how basic your taste in music really is.

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