QUIZ: Would Lil Nas X date you?

1 April 2021, 17:36

QUIZ: Would Lil Nas X date you?
QUIZ: Would Lil Nas X date you? Picture: Columbia Records

By Sam Prance

It's time to find out if Montero Lamar Hill would call you by his name and be your boyfriend.

Lil Nas X is the moment. Now, come on now. Not only did he break multiple records worldwide with 'Old Town Road' but he has since gone on to top the charts with hits like 'Panini' and 'Holiday'. Not to mention, his latest single, 'Montero (Call Me By Your Name)', is currently breaking the internet thanks to its iconic and unashamedly queer music video.

Would Lil Nas X date you though? We've consulted with Cupid and put together a scientific quiz that proves whether or not you would be Lil Nas X's type. All you have do is answer seven questions and we'll reveal if a romance with Lil Nas X is in your future.

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